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With such a topic so broad we truly try to cover the basics from all angles in this group. Nothing too big or too small. Nutrition is as significant if not more as exercise is to reaching your goals so learn all you can.

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Trouble with eating healthy

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2020/09/21, 02:50 PM
Hi guys , I have been training less than a month now and i dont know what im doing tbh. Im just doing some excersises and i cant eat healthy, to be specific i dont know what to eat . I did my research but im still questioning what to eat . Im 173cm and i weight about 89kg , I hoped there was some kind of Diet plan also but the Workout plan is already a boost , i would defintly train hard tomorrow . There is also another problem im still in school and in my lunch time i dont know what to bring so i just bring some toasty . Could anyone please help me with this problem?
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2020/10/11, 07:46 AM
Omid, Weight Watchers really helped me here. If cost is a concern, I only used it for about three months, because you get a really good sense of what’s good for your body in that time. I don’t track my food anymore because it just doesn’t work for me (if it’s too much to do, I tend to back out). But, I just make healthy decisions at the grocery store using what I learned in my few months in WW. Keeping junk out of the house has been the most important ongoing step.

I hope this helps!