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Question for my boyfriend

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2014/04/10, 02:50 PM
My guy is a big guy. 5'9, 260 lbs. he wants to drop 60 lbs. He's got underlying muscle already. Used to be athletic when he was younger. He's gluten sensitive also. But there are a few problems. One is that we fight constantly because although he eats healthy, (very clean stuff, organic, lots of vegges, fruits, lean proteins) he won't count the calories he puts in daily. He has dropped 12 lbs over several months, but no more. I keep trying to explain to him that he either one may not be getting enough calories or might be eating too many. He is stubborn and STUCK on that as long as he is eating healthy that doesn't matter. Also, he doesn't like cardio. Will go to the gym and do lifting on machines, but cardio isn't as often as I think it should be. But since I'm a female and our body types are definitely different, maybe I'm wrong on what he should be doing in the gym.
He thinks of he cuts carbs out entirely that it will make him lose weight. I know it will, but I thought that when you drop weight from no carbs it's mostly water weight. Anyway. I've taken to keeping my mouth shut because I don't want him to feel like I'm not being supportive. I am. I want him to hit his goal weight. I know how good that feels. But I also want to help him get there. I know by keeping my mouth shut I'm not helping. Anyone have any advice for this. And am I wrong on anything I am telling him? Im not a fitness/weight loss expert by any means so definitely ok with having any blanks filled in for me. Thanks in advance!
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2014/04/30, 04:24 PM
Cardio is less effective for slimming down than resistance training.  He won't nessisarily lose weight (pounds) as muscle weighs more than fat, but weight training will get more of the results you, and hopefully he, want.  Cardio is great for warming up and cooling down and it is also good for overall health, your cardiovascular system, so it should be included, but not more than 25-45 minutes each time.
As far as diet goes counting calories is only one way to monitor intake, many people, myself included, hate it since it can be very stressful to look everything up, log it, etc.  Unless you think he is way overeating or way undereating I would think he is probably fine.  Cutting carbs will work, but it means a permanent lifestyle change, if he adds carbs back in after meeting his goal then the weight will just pop right back on, I know as I have done this twice now.
You fighting with him is not good for his weight either.  Stress can cause the body to retain weight and it makes it harder to lose it, plus he will resent you if you constantly nag him about it, it is better to encourage him than to critisize him.  Go to the gym with him, make him nice, healthy, properly portioned meals as a treat, make exercise a part of your rrecreation by going hiking, swimming, etc.  Lastly his body will losee weight at its own rate, don't look down on him for not losing fast enough.  60 pounds is a lot of weight to lose and if he is losing at a healthy rate (about 2 pounds a week) it will take him about 8 months to drop it (maybe longer, maybe not as long). Be patient.