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With such a topic so broad we truly try to cover the basics from all angles in this group. Nothing too big or too small. Nutrition is as significant if not more as exercise is to reaching your goals so learn all you can.

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Question About my Diet Plan

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2016/07/27, 05:55 AM
hello my name is raz i'm 17 year old i'm 3 months away from becoming 18 i lost alot of weight but i still have stubbon fat to lose. what i wanted to ask is if my new diet plan is good enough. if i wanna lose weight and build muscles at the same time i usually run 30 mins after muscle training and run 2 days a week basically 5 days muscle training after each muscle workout i run 30 mins and in those last 2 days in the weekend i run. as wellHere's My Diet Planwhen i wake up at 8 AM 3 BOILED Eggs 18911 am 2 tomatos 362 pm rice with beans 206 beans 705 pm chiken breast 147 with tuna 1007 pm saladand from 7 pm till 8 am i don't eat.