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Need some help

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Joined: 2018/07/08
2018/07/08, 09:18 AM
Hey...I like to work in a predetermined procedure so that I shouldn't find myself stuck at any point.... So being said that... Here's a few things baffling me before I start or even I choose my workout plan.
1. I am confused whether I should put myself in beginner or intermediate level ... I really wanna start as a beginner...but let's make it clear ...I have been working out in a commercial gym for about last couple of months or the exercises plan I get as a beginner is kinda less for me I suppose... However even if I try with it as totally a beginner ... How long should I stick with it ?...... And when I decide to move up from it... Do I need to make a new workout plan as an intermediate?
2. I feel a little perplexed in even deciding between my rest and workout days.. How should I plan my rest??... Should I follow symmetry or not... I can't hit the gym on Sundays ... Other than that I am all flexible to working out in any ways...
3. In my workout plan , at times I am given an option to choose one from multiple exercises."choose one or more" or "choose one".. That's how it looks ..... On what basis am I supposed to choose from them?
4. How can I include cardio workout in my schedule...??
I know they are a lot of questions and obligations but I really don't wanna joke around with a thing I am doing......I just have an access to machines and weights ...I don't have any personal trainer nor any mentor or guide..... So won't ever know if I am doing correct or not...
Please help... The sooner I ll know what to do.. The soon I can get along with my workout..