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Being overweight is a common trait these days and there is not enough help out there. Find out how you can shed those pounds and improve yourself from within.

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Need a work out schedule to loose weight

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2013/10/04, 10:10 PM
Hi everyone, I just starting to go to the gym, I am 28 years old and 230 pounds, and I need to loose weight, I started my diet, but I really need help figure out what should be doing to loose weight, I want a plan that tells me how many repetitions should I do, also how much time to spend in treadmill, eleptical or bycicle. I just want to do the right stuff, so I know I am doing it right!!
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2013/12/04, 11:58 AM
-1 glass of lemon juice ---> 1 glass of water + half a lemon
- cabbage (150 grams a day)

crosstrainer and not treadmill (crosstrainer makes you use your body more and is more comfy)
45 min every exercise and keep your BPM metween 140 and 160

thats a good start

i can also link this

I dont know anything about his methods but the motivation and body usage is good info.

and remember if you hate the feeling of tiredness and numbness after training keep your bpm between 140 and 160