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This group aims to link people together to support each other and give motivation. Finding a partner to support you weather it is over email or gyming it can really increase your training. Good Luck everyone!

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Looking for motivational partner

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2014/01/31, 12:24 PM
Hello.  I am a 35yr old single Mom.  I have recently changed a lot in my life and I want to focus on excercise and health as my new addiction!  I am looking for someone to email me or contact me daily to check in and make sure I did my excercise and I will do the same for them!  I need motivation!  I also want to be able to see the difference so maybe start a blog or something...not sure how to track us!
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2014/02/03, 04:10 PM
I have been looking for a workout partner locally for a while.  What kind of motivation do you need?
2018/02/16, 08:09 AM
Hey @suzannetarr! Have you found a partner yet?