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How to lose belly fat, be healthy, and still have enough curves to give a man whiplash!

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Immediate Action Steps

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2014/05/13, 03:34 PM
I have done some research and I thought I should tell you all what I found.

1. Diet
-Rice (except Brown rice)
These are starchy carbs and they help your body fat grow in other words, so if you limit or eliminate if you want to shed a few pounds quickly.
Also, It will help if you eliminate sugar is fluids like coffee or tea... sugar elivates blood sugar, and you don't want that to happen if you want to loose weight, use organic fruits and yogurts and stay away from milk, Eggs are healthy fat they help remove body fat... I don't know how but it does. 
Food that burn fat?
Oatmeal for breakfest
Lean Protiens - Lean red meat, chicken, turkey
Green leaf veg- Spinage, Broccoli, Kail 
If you base these to all your meals 3-4 times a day by seven days you should see difference.

2. Exercise
You are not going to get any weight loss if you don't exercise.
-Exercise is best in the morning before you have breakfest, for at least an intense 30-40 minutes.
The only thing that you can have is water. Nothing else . 
If you do this everyday for 14 days you should see a difference with the diet above.
I don't know why I put this picture up but this resembles me to the full stop at the end.