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Being overweight is a common trait these days and there is not enough help out there. Find out how you can shed those pounds and improve yourself from within.

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ideas to reduce weight quick

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2012/10/27, 05:40 AM
i'm nani my height is 177cm and weight is 95 my age is 18 ineed to reduce weight fast give some ideas its important its so akward to me to get outside i decided to go to gym give me some ideas and planning
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2012/10/28, 11:35 PM (Edited: kolhy - 2012/10/28, 11:41 PM)
Hi Nani,

Everyone wants a quick and easy answer to this same question (that is repeated over and over on this forum!) so I'll try my best to keep my answer in line with this.

First,  there is no quick and easy way to weight loss.  You've got a long road ahead of you.   If you're commited, you will see changes and these changes will serve to further motivate you.  This is a process.... a long term one.  The sooner you let go of the "loose weight fast" myth, the sooner you can get on with the work.

There are 3 strategies you must use together -  not separately nor 2 in combination.

1. Diet
You MUST focus on healthy eating.  Eliminate (or start to wean yourself off of ) junk food! Encorporate whole foods.  

2. Exercise
No need to go to the gym at this point.  Just walk!  If you're self concious then go for a walk in the early morning.  Do you have stairs in your building?  Take them!  Make that your workout! Create a log book to track your progress (time or distance/floors). If you're up to go to the gym - great!!  Check out the programs on this website for ideas/planning.

Realize that the you are where you're at becuase of your are by behaviours.  You must identify which behaviours are responsible for this and work on changing them.  This is the most overlooked factor in weight loss.  

I wish you the best of luck Nani!  You've taken the first step by joining the site!  Congrats :)

Do post back if you need any clarification.
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2013/04/27, 02:32 AM
All these suggestions and tips are really good for weight loss. I agree with all of this. Healthy eating and exercise is really good tips to follow and get your safe weight loss.
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2013/06/29, 03:09 AM
I added Garcinia Cambogia Max from Nutritional Concepts right now to my diet. I don't know if this will work but i will try this out for a month.