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Women who want to achieve their weight loss goal this year- 2012. We will challenge and encourage one another! If you've made up your mind to "do it!" this is the group for you!!

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I Need Motivation

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2012/01/30, 02:00 PM
Thanks for letting me join the group. I am 33, and its giving me hell for workout motivation cause i shredded my knee tearing my acl, destroying the carltidge, and breaking a bit of the knee. I have recovered but its like starting over. The worse thing is i was playing hardcore contact/flag football, now i dont think i can even do that anymore. I need some great motivation, as i finished my Physical Thearpy early and now back in the gym. I used to be able to do heavy weights not i feel like im starting completely over. Sorry for the sob story im glad i got it all out.