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Being overweight is a common trait these days and there is not enough help out there. Find out how you can shed those pounds and improve yourself from within.

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I need help...

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2014/03/24, 04:43 PM
I'm 20 years old, and when I should be out having fun.. I hide at home. Im 5'2" and weigh 224. My goal is to be back in a size 10/8. I've been through this before, I lost 105 pounds when I was 16 but gained back most of it after a year.. I want to live a healthier life style. Problem is I'm having problems staying motivated.. any tips?
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2014/03/28, 03:27 AM
Hi mre1994, Just wanted to take this chance to welcome you to freetrainers, Sorry to hear you feel the need to hide at home, At twenty years old you should be having a blast, I'd kill to be twenty again!, I've suffered from a non-existant self-esteem for years but am starting to become a little more comfortable in my own skin. You said you lost weight before so you obviously have the inner- strength to lose the weight, It's just getting and keeping the motivation, I struggle with that too, Yesterday i had a workout and as soon as i picked up my weights i thought" dam it!, i can't be bothered today" but i forced myself to start lifting and before i knew it i had done my usual 45-minute workout and was SO happy with myself for not giving up.I picture the faces of the people who used to bully me at school and the girls who made fun of me and i use that anger & hurt to grit my teeth and lift those weights till my arms burn. Go and get yourself an item of clothing you want to be able to wear and put it in front of your exercise bike(or whatever you use) and imagine yourself wearing it and walking down the street smiling and looking great!!!, You CAN do it!!!, If you ever need to talk or just want a shoulder to cry on I'm here!!!, Wish you all the best on your journey!!!, "Olly99"