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I need Attention plz

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2019/07/13, 02:34 PM
I am 33 years woman. I joined gym but after 20 days only
(. 3) I loose weight. My instructor is not gud trainer. Plz plz guide me workout for at least 3 months workout routine week wise.your gym workout routine is for 1 week and in next week what to do?
Forearm 9.5 inches
Neck. 14 inches
Arms. 13inches
Chest. 36inches
Hip. 40 inches
Thigh. 22inches
Waist. 38inches
Weight. 61.5kg/134.48lbs
Height. 4. 8feet
Knee. 14inches
Ankle. 8inches
Calf. 13inches
Age. 33years 6 months

I want my chest 38,i want to increase my butt size. And waist 28.i want a perfect body figure to slim.
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United States
2019/11/01, 10:20 AM

What's your current diet and workout routine like? Maybe it's your nutrition that's not doing you any favors and it isn't the actual workouts.

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2020/04/20, 01:09 AM
I am currently taking the "at home workout program". 

Can I do other exercises to build muscles and abs(other than course) likemore pushups and pull ups.

Thank you