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Officially introduce yourself to the community by sharing your goals, obstacles or accomplishments. Don't be shy.. we're all here for the same reason. The more support we share the easier it will be to reach our goals!

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Hi, my name is Dave and I'm 66.

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2018/11/08, 10:25 PM
I used to keep in fairly good shape because my job, Remodeling houses required it.  I went through 2 years of illness and have been back in the gym now for 5 months.  I lost a lot of muscle mass while I was ill and am just getting back to feeling like I'm getting back in reasonable shape.  I'm not seeing the gains I did in my 30's, but I'm not giving in to discouragement.  How much can I expect of myself and is there any supplements I can take to overcome my age.  I'm inspired by guys in there 90's who still work out and want to be committed for the rest of my life.