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Hey all!

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2017/01/07, 03:32 AM
My name is Andrew, I started putting weight on when i was 25ish after i stopped smoking and drinking, so i ate instead. Now i find it difficult to lose any sort of weight i currently weigh 118kg/260lbs/18.5Stone. I used to weigh around about 40% less of my current weight.

Now on to the main problem, i'm a paraplegic meaning i use a wheelchair, due to an  accident when i was 18 (Now 32) So that makes me unsure of how to proceed with working out and what im able to do, so was hoping anyone would be able to help with workout suggestions or  anything. Now most people expect me not to be able to do that much with me being in a wheelchair but i am extremely active, i have horses and train them on a daily basis. But nothing  i do seems to help me lose weight. atm my eating habit is a bit off i usually at the most eat 1 meal a day which is my dinner in the evening. So any help would be greatly appreciated!