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Hi I'm an 18 year old male looking for a trainer willing to help someone out of personal satisfaction. Personally I have no means of payment. But i really need to find someone who would be willing to help someone to become fit. I need someone to be accountable with and someone who knows what they are talking about. This website is a great idea but i need someone who is willing to take it a step further, hopefully. If you are willing i would be extremely grateful for your kindness. You can email me at, this is a fake email just to sort out all the people who will email me for no reason. But if you email me i will email you back with me real email and we can get started. I really hope someone will help me.

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2014/01/19, 09:34 PM
hi my name is thomas banks, and i was wondering if someone who is very commited, could work with me to tone my bofdy. i am 104 pounds and i'm trying to reach 160. so can anyone help me out . give me the right nutritions and workouts. how many calories do i need?