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Officially introduce yourself to the community by sharing your goals, obstacles or accomplishments. Don't be shy.. we're all here for the same reason. The more support we share the easier it will be to reach our goals!

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2020/04/15, 09:57 AM
Hi! I'm Daria. I want to lose about 20 kg, which I gained over the years without even realizing it. I don't really exercise, besides swimming 1-2 times a week if the pool is open. My diet isn't good either. I feel terrible with how I look, I feel unhealthy physically and mentally. I never have any energy. And I'm only 18... I want to improve my health and the way I look, but I really don't know anything about exercises and nutrition/proper diet... 
I hope that by being here I'll be able to learn and finally change like I want to.