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Free Motion Weight Machines?

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2013/01/30, 09:45 PM
I just joined a gym to get back into working out after having two kids.  Does anyone know of a good program/routine I could get into using Free Motion Weight machines that would be good for a 30 something woman looking to lose weight and tone? I'm a little overwhelmed!  Thank you!
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2013/02/10, 10:06 PM

That can be a helpful start.  You also could write your own plan by looking at what muscle groups you would like to tone/develop.  Then pick the exercises that work out those and split them up in two segments.  I would chose for myself, Leg pulls/kicks, leg side pulls, abs and triceps on day one, break a day then do biceps, shoulders, and squats on day 3. Break a day and do something else like yoga or cycling.  But thats what I would choose to write up for myself.  Also you may want to do some band exercises for your deltoids and rotator cuffs before either workout and some chest/pectorals/lats on day one.  This way you are working out your whole body but giving it a chance to rest those mucsles before doing secondary use of them on other routines.  Doing all in one day after about 3 weeks and every 3 weeks is also good just to feel how you are progressing along with your conditioning.  I would deffinately start light and do reps around 8 or 10 and 2 to three sets of those reps for each.  
*Note - before exercise, walk briskly on treadmill/cycle for 3-5 min, then Stretch your muscles.  Now you are ready to begin your workout with limber and warmed up muscles.  After you work out treadmill/cycle fast for 2 minutes then back down the pace for 3 min and then stretch.  It helps to keep you less sore and move the ATP rate higher for less damage to muscles.  Hope that helps!