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Conditioning to join the Marines

2016/09/21, 11:46 PM
Hello, I'm new to this forum, hope you guys can offer me advice and help!
I'm 18, weigh 168lbs, and I'm 5'4".
I'm need help losing 10lbs before July which is my ship out date. 
And I mostly need help gaining cardio endurance and muscle strength.
If you could be detailed that would be very helpful
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2017/05/25, 04:58 AM
I'm no expert, but for what you have in mind I'd look at some strong cardio work (anything uphill if possible) with a good HIIT program, though al this depends on your current level of fitness and just how much you'll need to gradually implement the intensity.

Obviously, there are plenty of resources on the net and there's a whole mine of knowledge on here, but just as an example of HIIT )incase you didn't know) and what to expect take a look at

Hope this helps and best of luck.