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With such a topic so broad we truly try to cover the basics from all angles in this group. Nothing too big or too small. Nutrition is as significant if not more as exercise is to reaching your goals so learn all you can.

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Sticky Cellulite a short article

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2009/09/15, 08:52 PM
Received this interesting info and thought I'd share.

Cellulitis forms mainly around the pelvis (thighs, hips and abdomen). It should be noted that cellulitis affects about nine out of ten women.

Excess weight, lack of exercise, deficient nutrition, long periods in a static position, smoking and certain medication are some of the factors that can lead to formation of cellulitis. These factors can be modified, which means that your lifestyle influences the formation of cellulitis. However, there is another, hardly modifiable factor to be taken account of: heredity.

Cardiovascular physical fitness activities, such as on treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair climbing machines and stationary bicycles, play a major role in preventing and alleviating cellulitis. Cardiovascular training promotes weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, which leads to smaller adipocytes. In addition, this type of training facilitates blood circulation and promotes cell irrigation or a reduction in water retention, another possible cause of cellulitis.

Apart from fighting cellulitis, training will benefit your health in many ways!
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2010/04/27, 01:59 PM
thanks for the information, doesn't it also occur from being dehydrated as well?