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After work motivation tips

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2012/10/18, 01:17 AM
Hey guys,I wanted your advice. I have been struggling recently with trying to lose weight and work. I am a childhood educator (childcarer) and I work on and off through the week. To shift the amount of weight I want to I know I need to be working out more days than not. But I'm really struggling with trying to get motivated and find the energy after a long exhausting day of chasing around children under 5 all day. I'm hoping to hear from you guys with any tips you might have and appreciate your help :)
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2012/10/22, 07:40 PM (Edited: kolhy - 2012/10/22, 07:43 PM)
Glad you brought this up!  Love this topic!  

Motivation is so fascinating to me.  Take a sec and think of some high achievers in your life and/or the media.  What can possibly drive them to such measures? It’s easy for us to see their success…. but have you ever wondered what came before their success?  How many times did they fail?  How long did they persist in the face of pain and discomfort?  When did they finally receive any pay back????

My first tip to you would be to pick one person that you find inspiring.  Now do some research on them! They have a tried and true blueprint for success – why reinvent the wheel?  Take what might work for you and apply it!
Maintan your focus!
Why are you trying to lose weight? Be specific and honest! How do you visualize yourself when you have obtained your goal? Is it appearance?  Energy and vitality? Good health? Now... hold that visualization!  Maintain that vision in your focus. DON'T be concerned with failure (it'll happen now and then… who cares! Get back up and fight again!). DON'T concentrate on your barriers (we all have them – don’t use it as an excuse!).  Successful people have barriers but they're too focused on the prize to let it get in the way of what they want.

What motivational tactics work for you?
For me, it's people. I go out of my way to surround myself with people that are fighting for the same goal as I.  This energy is incredibly contagious and it amplifies with # of people.

On the other side of the spectrum, I cut myself off from saboteurs.  You know them...friends/family that remind you why you "can't, "shouldn't", and "will never".   They are well meaning (sometimes!) but you'd be better off minimizing your contact with them. Also in the same category are people that have the same goals as you but don’t want them bad enough to work for them.  If you grab one of these people as your workout partner you’ll find you’ll be chatting more than working towards your goal.

Do you get inspired with:
Motivational quotes? Google them and print out.  Paste everywhere!
Motivational posters? See above
Motivational videos?  Lots on Youtube.  Bookmark them!
 My favorites:

Finally… you must  have a healthy dose of reality.  This won’t come easy!  If it were easy we wouldn’t have the problem we have in America today.  It’s without exception extremely DIFFICULT!  It’s difficult for EVERYONE including those few that have succeeded.
Now… what are you going to do about it?  Will you try once, fail and then quit? Will you try twice, fail and quit? Will you focus more on the reasons why you “can’t” rather than your goal/vision?

Or will you persist?

You’ll fail. This is a sure thing. Success comes from a long road map of  failures.  What defines people is how they view and what they do with these failures. Examine them....learn from them... then get back up and fight again.

I wish you all the best!  Do keep us posted on your progress :)

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2012/10/23, 04:51 AM
Thank you for that brilliant reply :) its really got my mind ticking :) I'm hoping that making some friends on here that share my same goal or who have reached their goals will make me even more motivated to succeed :)
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2013/07/13, 08:32 PM
I like the reply also. Going to keep it handy. I tend to lose motivation from time to time