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Officially introduce yourself to the community by sharing your goals, obstacles or accomplishments. Don't be shy.. we're all here for the same reason. The more support we share the easier it will be to reach our goals!

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Achievable Goal?

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2019/10/17, 11:29 PM
Hey,  I'm Laura, I'm an officially ex-gamer.  I sit for most of the day as I crochet and knitt for income.  I do take medications that easily pack on the pounds.  I"m 150lbs over weight.  I like the home gym workouts - I did my first workout last night, I'm happy about that.  I'm saving up for a gym membership as I've got the frame of a bodybuilder.  I would very much like to meet someone in my local area to be my manager/coach.  That said, I'd would persue a proffessional/competitive career/hobby. I don't let my medications be the reason to be a homebody.

If you'd like to share goals with me, just reply in this discussion.