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This group is for everyone in their 30's that are needing motivation and advise.

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10 lbs gone

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2012/04/13, 01:32 PM (Edited: nay34 - 2012/04/13, 01:33 PM)
Hello I am Nay and I am 34, so I hit my first goal of a 10lbs loss so far and I am feeling great. I know it is gone because the scale says so as well as my pants. I have to keep telling myself that everything I am doing, watching my eating and exercising is truly working. I still struggle though with looking at my body and seeing the belly that I wonder if it is working at all. I love my body do not get me wrong, but I need some advise on how to lose this stomach. I have been doing 12 minute ab workouts at my gym 3 times a week on top of all the other exercise I have been doing. But I feel like I could be doing so much more to lose the tummy. Any advise is always welcome.