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2012/02/20, 11:29 AM
I just finished my first workout and I was thinking about what would keep me from being tired. The workout went well and I'm not too tired but I have a super busy schedule so I know working out is going to ware me out in no time especially since I don't get much sleep as it is. People have suggested that I should take vitamines? Or maybe there are more options out there?
Reply if you have any suggestions! Thankss!
Samantha xo.
2012/02/20, 02:59 PM (Edited: kolhy - 2012/02/20, 03:03 PM)
There is a lot of controversy when it comes to this.

In my opinion, there is no substitute for eating good food (wholesome, prepared at home, and consisting of a variety of foods). Vitamins/supplements could be a supplement to this but should not replace it.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to this culture. The amount you actually absorb, their quality, safety, and their efficacy in working in isolation is questionable. The one sure thing- you’d be making a lot of smart people rich!

This is definitely a matter of priorities. If you are lacking on time (and refuse to re-prioritize), vitamins and supplements may be better than nothing. However, I’d suggest you do your research well on anything you put into your system – especially in pill format where concentrations can be high. Was our body really meant to process and use such high concentrations? What effects can it have on your system to process and dispose that which it doesn’t use? Is it really better for you (or could it be harmful) without all the regular constituents/buffers that come with them in real food? Think. Our bodies evolved just fine without them.

Feeling tired is normal. Get your rest and recover properly. There is no better way to kill your immune system then by working hard (physically and mentally) with no rest. This, you can’t sustain for long. In fact, results can grind to a halt if  you do not provide your body rest.  Lack of sleep is a form of stress to your body which halts muscle building and fat loss.

Hope this helps. You will hear a lot of yays and nays on this. Take the time to do some research (not on product websites or from personal testimonials!) and make your own decision.

Good luck :)
2012/02/20, 08:43 PM
thanks again!
I eat a lot and healthy too, but sleep is definitely something I lack because I have a busy job and I am in school aswell. I just thought maybe vitamines would be a healthy choice, but I'll definitely look into it!