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With such a topic so broad we truly try to cover the basics from all angles in this group. Nothing too big or too small. Nutrition is as significant if not more as exercise is to reaching your goals so learn all you can.

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2011/08/03, 02:20 PM
After struggling with my weight for the last few years, I went to the doctor to get some blood work done. My weight spiked 50lbs in 3 months with no change in eating or exercise in my last year of university and it's been very difficult (VERY I'm talking I could gain weight on a 2500 calorie DEFICIT :S I have a bodybugg so I can accurately measure the deficit when Iog my meals) I started up on synthroid just over 2 weeks ago and I've noticed changes occuring already. I was just curious if anyone else here has hypothyroidism and maybe had some issues with drug doses/types and weightloss.
2011/08/03, 02:24 PM
oi *Hypothyroidism. Also I was diagnosed with full blown hypothyroidism.

I havn't noticed too much weight coming off and staying off yet. My weight is bouncing in a very odd way right now. I have noticed I'm not cold all the time anymore and I have way more energy and a way way easier time getting out of bed in the morning.