Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns


  • Begin by standing facing a wide-grip pull down cable machine. Knees slightly soft, with your back straight and buttocks out.
  • With palms facing down, grasp the bar slightly wider than your should width, perhaps and extra palm width.
  • Now, keep your chest up and out with your buttocks pointing back, bring the bar down to your waist while keeping a slight bend in your arm but in a fixed locked out position. Breath out at the bottom and squeeze your shoulders blades together.
  • Return the bar to the starting position, slowly raising it to feel a good stretch, or at least to shoulder height position breathing in during the process. Repeat.


  • It can be beneficial to use a mirror if possible to get the right form and angle. It does take some time to get the feel for this exercise but once you have mastered it, you will feel the back muscles contracting.
Primary muscles Latissimus dorsi (Lats)
Secondary muscles Triceps