Single Leg Machine Curls


  • This movement is performed with leg curl machine. There will be many variations at your gym to choose from. You may either do this exercise lying down or standing up, a good mix of the two is recommended.
  • This description is for the laying down machine. Lay down on your stomach on the machine. Place your ankles behind the pads. You may have to adjust the pad so that it fits at your ankles.
  • Remaining flat on the bench, curl one leg up at a time to your buttocks. Be sure to keep your hips flat on the bench and not to raise them. Hold for a few seconds, contract, then slowly lower the weight back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movement.


  • This is a great basic movement for training the back of your buttocks and your hamstrings. Performing this with one leg instead of both simultaneously allows you to further isolate your hamstrings. You must remember to do this exercise very strictly and to get the fullest range of motion possible. Also, be sure to get a good contraction at the top.
Primary muscles Hamstrings
Secondary muscles Gluteus maximus