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  • 53 years old
  • Joined: 2003/10/05
  • Canada Canada
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  • 53 years old
  • Joined: 2003/10/05


Married with a couple of kids. I work in radio, so I've put on a bit as I sit most of the day!

I now have my own little business which you can look over at http://www.facebook.com/PrimalMovers

Goals and motivation

I've been at this fitness thing since February of 2003.

My one rep max for the deadlift is 300lbs.

I am also now AFCLA Certified with the Province of Alberta, but still have plenty to learn!

I am now a part time trainer at www.bestbodyfitness.com.

Fit wall

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  • yadmit yadmit 2006/08/14
    Thanks, bb1! Learned a lot of it from you.
  • bb1fit bb1fit 2006/08/14
    Just wanted you to note I do notice the nice support and quality information you give folks. Thanks for being a standup guy for the merits of a healthy lifestle, and for us old fars here on FT!
  • yadmit yadmit 2006/06/15
    Thanks, Charene... <BR> <BR>Even though one runs around after kids, you still get a little lazy... eat the convenient and such... it was easy to do!
  • tommygirl3669 tommygirl3669 2006/05/30
    Hi Tim...thanks for explaining the weight input thing to me:) Sounds like you are going great:)...You mentioned you have a couple of kids....and I am sure, apart from your radio work, you would also have become bigger since you had kids.....regardless of being a mother or father....parents seem to put on weight when kids come on the scene...I think it is because you reach for more convenient food...anyways..congrats on your progress, adn good luck for the future:)Take care...Charene
  • george george 2006/02/15
    Thank very much for the support Tim, you are a very valuable asset here at FreeTrainers - keep up the great posts and support.
  • lit0 lit0 2005/01/09
    hey tim..thanks again for the tips. i also meant to ask you about FT's plans... i only get the 12 week "ab" plan... is this cuz i'm not a FT Pro member?? <BR> <BR>thanks a bunch...and much success with the improved you. <BR> <BR>(ps. i work in security...also sitting down all day - even the guards tell me i put on some weight...lol)
  • yadmit yadmit 2004/11/11
    Ya.. picture two... I've had comments on that... drinking game at a Mexican resort... I know I won... even though it may not look like in the picture! haha
  • Robroy17 Robroy17 2004/11/11
    Great job fellow Canadian. Keep it up! Little worried about picture #2 though?? LOL!
  • slippery_chimp slippery_chimp 2004/10/21
    well done that man! It's stories like yours that give people like me the motivation we need, knowing that goals are attainable, thanks for sharing your success.
  • Reddy Reddy 2004/07/07
    I want to lose the belly too <BR>I have to remember to grab the wieghts more - I get sidetrack way to easy. <BR> <BR>congrats on losing the 20 lbs - the waist measurement sounds great too (not sure since I look at inches instead of cm)
  • twrightnc twrightnc 2004/06/15
    Hi Tim. Congrats on reaching your goal. I re-joined the gym on April 29th. I weighed 148 pds. Within two weeks, I was up to 152, though my eating habits didn't change for the worse and I was exercising 5 days a week, for 45 min weights and 30 min. cardio. Any idea why I gained weight after joining? Can muscle be gained that fast?
  • Spazasaurus Spazasaurus 2004/05/28
    You are doing great! You had better be careful, you may just get addicted to fitness! <BR> <BR>Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing your progress in the future.
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