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  • United States United States
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  • 38 years old
  • Joined: 2004/07/28


I am a 23 year old female training to become a professional fitness model and/or bodybuilder. I live in California and my personal hobbies are: weightlifting with my husband, organic eating, teaching snowboarding & racing, motocross, triathalon training, drawing, animals, and paintballing. I currently work part-time at Sport Chalet.

Goals and motivation

I am looking for people to talk to and get info/help on this journey in my life. I need help on everything from diet and exercise to promotion, photos, and competitions. Im getting to my goals very slowly... from September '03 my bodyfat has dropped from 32% to 26% which is where I'm at now, and my weight went from 190 to 160. I also love training for triathalons, even though I haven't done any yet... =)

Fit wall

  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/29
    j.turner.ctr@gmail.com , Welcome to the FreeTrainers.com
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  • Pritchard Pritchard 2005/02/08
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  • Kev99 Kev99 2004/11/14
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  • puresnowchic puresnowchic 2004/09/12
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  • Pritchard Pritchard 2004/09/10
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  • Kev99 Kev99 2004/09/09
    Wow u seem pretty cool. u have lots of variety and interests in ur life. Im 18, and i follow basically the same road u do, only i want to be a bodybuilder. I also want to be a fitness trainer.