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  • United States United States
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  • 61 years old
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married 3 kids no dog was a fat crap in jan now i am getting very lean thanks ft.....

Goals and motivation

I AM DOWN TO 157 POUNDS and i am getting near my goal of 10 percent bf i am now at 13 7 months ago i was about 25 iwas a size 37.5 now 31.5.my love handles are gone i have some definition in the abs i will have my six pack soon trust me.....i am on a mission....a mission to be ripped....lol

Fit wall

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  • tyjones tyjones 2011/04/11
    I know this has been awhile but I had the same surgery 3 years ago. I have been nervous to get into the exercise, I really want to work on the abs-do you have any tips?
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2008/04/29
    Hey man i do remember you! Nice to have you back! <BR>
  • Boddhisattvha Boddhisattvha 2008/04/13
    Happy to hear! How are you man? Still lifting? I tried calling the number but I guess you changed it. =)
  • Boddhisattvha Boddhisattvha 2008/03/21
    Whoa, just saw this, you still around??
  • jnellie jnellie 2006/01/21
    hey there i am still alive call me 1 978 809 2557
  • Boddhisattvha Boddhisattvha 2006/01/19
    I don't see you around anymore, but I wish you were here bro.
  • Carivan Carivan 2003/01/25
    Ah Ha.....You didn't get any posts here yet this year......Let me be the first to say...Hope you reach your goals this year j.
  • mandre mandre 2002/12/20
    Yes I know a picture is long overdue. I would like to get to 21% before I post one. I have been maintaining for the past couple of months time to jump back into cutting again. :) <BR>Keep us posted on your results from the Doctor. Keep your head up and know that this is temporary. <BR> <BR>:) Melissa
  • mandre mandre 2002/11/15
    Thank you jnellie. It was quite a surprise. :) <BR>I know you're restless. You will be fine. You have come so far never give up. Hehehe since I know you lost 40 your giving me competition. 4 more lbs of fat begone. <BR> <BR>:) Melissa
  • roni0906 roni0906 2002/11/02
    Nellie, I miss you guys too. Just so busy, you know. Lots of new posts to read through when I get the chance to log on. <BR> <BR>Lisa
  • bb1fit bb1fit 2002/09/01
  • EGChic207 EGChic207 2002/09/01
    keep it up! lol, im expecting that pic of u soon with those nice abs;)
  • roni0906 roni0906 2002/08/27
    Lookin great Nellie.
  • Philia2 Philia2 2002/08/26
    Jnellie you are wonderful!
  • roni0906 roni0906 2002/07/11
    You gotta get that dog, that is the only thing missing from your PERFECT family.......lol
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