• United States United States
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  • 43 years old
  • Joined: 2001/02/28
  • United States United States
  • Male
  • 43 years old
  • Joined: 2001/02/28


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 242lbs as of 8/4/08
Body Type: Ectomorphic

Goals and motivation

Strength is my main goal at this time. My personal best on bench in 405lbs (July 2008). Deadlift PR is currently 565lbs (August 2008).

Fit wall

  • kellybabexx kellybabexx 2010/06/22
    damn sexy body babe xxx <3 <BR>fitten xxxxx
  • Ravenbeauty Ravenbeauty 2007/06/29
    Very cool new pics J and awesome progress!!!! Still waiting for that Farmer's Walk video..LOL!
  • BIGKATT BIGKATT 2007/01/19
    Nice definition...Keep at it bro.
  • Banksy89 Banksy89 2007/01/14
    Sickk Triceps...Keep this shit up matey, really nice body!.. <BR> <BR>-B
  • george george 2006/01/05
    Fantastic to see one of our early members in full force in the community, thanks so much!
  • Big-E Big-E 2005/12/12
    Awesome work man, more motivation for me! Keep it up!
  • Awildcat112 Awildcat112 2004/02/15
    I read that you gained a lot of muscle on andro products. Are they really as good as the companies make them out to be? And how much did you bench and squat go up when you took it? It would really mean a lot to me if you answered these questions on my profile. And by the way you are huge.
  • mmhasty mmhasty 2004/02/12
    Very impressive body. How long have you been lifting?
  • shahrir shahrir 2003/07/03
    Damn great body !!
  • ajballer3 ajballer3 2003/02/03
    I am new to this website but i like reading about all of everybody's topics. you seem like you know the most about the type of weightlifting and supplements that i am interested in... I was wondering if you could tell me if i am obtaining way too much sugar in taking Cell-Tech. I have seen results in the 2 months i have been using it but do you think that Creatine Monohydrate would be a better choice (or if it is much of a difference). Also i usually drink a protein shake or a eat a protein bar before bed, is that ok or should i be taking it at a certain time after i lift. also i was wondering if taking ZMAs with creatine would be a bad choice (is it like a one or the other type of thing???). sorry this is so long and id really appreciate your input.. thanks, aj
  • BPP BPP 2003/01/23
    so did u make your 360 by christmas?
  • simonhall84 simonhall84 2002/10/19
    very impressive body, i would love to have a body like urs, im working on it!!
  • Lumina20 Lumina20 2002/09/20
    You're an actual person! Looking good! Come and talk to us more often!
  • Philia2 Philia2 2002/05/29
    Still waiting for a picture of you!!!!!! (-;