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  • United States United States
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  • 38 years old
  • Joined: 2003/05/22


i used to be in really great shape, as you can see by the above photos. i don't look like that anymore, but i'm working hard to get back to that point.

i've been a freetrainers member since 2003, so those of you who have been around know how serious i am about doing this.

Goals and motivation

at the peak of my fitness, i pulled a 240 deadlift and had a 155 bench. my squat numbers have never been very high, which i blame on chronic knee problems that include a partially torn left mcl in 2006, multiple ligament sprains in both knees since 1993 (never the acl,) and severe patellar tendinitis in my right knee. someday i would like for that to change.

i have become an avid tennis player despite my knee problems, so in addition to wanting to improve my overall fitness level, i also want to work out in a way that improves my tennis game. this includes, but is not limited to, developing explosiveness, improving core strength and increasing agility and stamina.

Fit wall

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  • cfeit cfeit 2011/06/27
    You look amazing!!
  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/26
    Great job! You look great! A definite inspiration! <BR> j.turner.ctr@gmail.com
  • rnc1958 rnc1958 2006/06/18
    my goal is to make everybody want me" Well does everyone want you yet? Just kidding, Everyone wants to be needed!Everybody has needs that are really just wants!!I'm confused about all the needs and wants!
  • gatormade gatormade 2006/04/05
    send me an email at sccoachmatt@yahoo.com <BR>I'll help you from there. Thanks.
  • Vegasmuscle Vegasmuscle 2005/12/21
    Keep training girl!! Don't let people hate on you!!!
  • Mustard Mustard 2005/10/24
    ya bee a dum ugly lez yu fuckin bitch! jus cuz ur dad fucket you don't mean u can nutz on da guyz! get sum u cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gatormade gatormade 2005/10/22
    How are you doing? Haven't seen you post in a while. Just thought I would drop you a line. :)
  • gatormade gatormade 2005/05/28
    Hello Howdie!
  • JustinE22 JustinE22 2005/05/18
    Hey Howdie missed having you around the boards, Hope everything is ok and hope to see you back soon:)
  • BodyofSteel BodyofSteel 2005/04/04
    Hey i know how to help your maxes, if youd like :D ask for my stats and lifts if you want VERy ENERGETIC
  • howdiekat howdiekat 2005/01/12
    lindsay, glad i could inspire :) <BR> <BR>hec, you sure know how to make a woman want chicken gizzards...or something. dfly is so lucky.
  • hecdarec hecdarec 2005/01/11
    I was eating a tub of chicken gizzards when I realized that I wanted to touch your abs.
  • Lindsay22 Lindsay22 2005/01/07
    I was eating a bag of Honey Barbeque pretzels when I looked at your profile...and realized, if I want abs like yours, i cant eat like that! Their in the garbage!!! Thanks! :)
  • sexygrl911 sexygrl911 2004/11/30
    I am too 5'101/2 and i weigh 155lbs. I would like to get down to 135lbs but i am not sure what i would look like.. i revcently lost alot of weight and my worst problem area is definetly my stomach and love handles no matter what i do they are there.. I would love to have abs like you how did you do it.. I would really appreciate any advice or help you can give me THanks...Kristen
  • howdiekat howdiekat 2004/11/19
    thank you mbrown, i'm also 5'11. if i drop below 165 i start looking really sickly :)
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