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Co-founder of FreeTrainers.com. Most of my free time revolves around improving my physical fitness and personal wellness.. as well as that of others.. hence the purpose of your FreeTrainers.com community!

Goals and motivation

Work for tomorrow - LIVE FOR TODAY! I am a firm believer in attaining and maintaining Personal Health and Fitness, daily. There are too many benefits to list here.. but FreeTrainers.com is a perfect start. My goal and motivation has always been to help others reach their goals, and by creating FreeTrainers.com we can offer support, motivatio, encouragement and more for real life results people can experience every single day.

Fit wall

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  • gatormade gatormade 2005/03/26
    Thank you for that kind post. I appreciate it!
  • sivysivy sivysivy 2005/02/17
    Great site. Thank you! I just found it last week and think it is a wonderful resource for health and fitness. I even sent it to my kinesiology professor from last year.
  • george george 2004/12/10
    Hey Gator, <BR> <BR>Currently I am in Ontario, CANADA.
  • gatormade gatormade 2004/12/01
    Where do you live now? Maybe we could train some time.
  • gatormade gatormade 2004/10/05
    Thanks for the post on my profile! :)
  • happnie happnie 2004/10/05
    Hi George, your body is amazing! Not to mention your face too!
  • george george 2004/10/05
    Cau Cau.. fellow Czech! <BR> <BR>Well thank you for the compliment. I have wine perhaps once a week, the key is moderation - as with everything in life. <BR> <BR>Pa
  • mariebrom mariebrom 2004/09/20
    Cau Jirko! <BR> <BR>great body. When you say that you enjoy wine... how much do you allow yourself to incorporate into your diet? I can resist chocolate, cakes and unhealthy food but when it comes to wine it's a different story..... <BR> <BR>Diky!
  • neiltilley neiltilley 2004/04/06
    Amazing things about your site is the quantity that's free. Also that it is heavily used and informative. Your skills and pathway in life must be set in stone eh? I do not know of any other site that gives so much, so freely. It is embarrassing for the top stars who haven't given this much back, but took everything out of Bodybuilding.
  • InFeStEd InFeStEd 2004/04/01
    Great jobs guys! Great job with your body! Great job with your site! Hope it gets alot of new visitors and you make money! You can count on me for loads of visitors! Great job! Thanks again.
  • [Former member] 2004/02/25
    Its rare when a good thing is improved. You and Adrian run your websight like you work your bodies. Excellent job on both counts. Thanks. <BR> <BR>Charlie Brown
  • Lumina20 Lumina20 2002/09/14
    Hey George! Your July pic is great, can't wait to see your contest pics! =)
  • hairdog hairdog 2002/08/19
    I want to thank you for helping me out I am a 39 year old male just know getting into working out at home with free weights. and some machaines.I hope this will help me get bigger. cause I am 6"2 and weight 175 or 180lbs.I have always been skinny so please help me <BR>hairdog <BR>hbigred97@sigecom.net
  • Mathiau Mathiau 2002/07/25
    very impressive m8! <BR> <BR>glad to got this site going, i greatly aprpeciate it!! has helped me get a start on things!
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