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Co-founder of FreeTrainers.com. Most of my free time revolves around improving my physical fitness and personal wellness.. as well as that of others.. hence the purpose of your FreeTrainers.com community!

Goals and motivation

Work for tomorrow - LIVE FOR TODAY! I am a firm believer in attaining and maintaining Personal Health and Fitness, daily. There are too many benefits to list here.. but FreeTrainers.com is a perfect start. My goal and motivation has always been to help others reach their goals, and by creating FreeTrainers.com we can offer support, motivatio, encouragement and more for real life results people can experience every single day.

Fit wall

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  • george george 2007/01/27
    Thanks Cristal :)
  • christal086 christal086 2007/01/22
    goodluck in the body building comp this year. :)
  • BIGKATT BIGKATT 2007/01/11
    What's up bud! Thanks for making this site! Love it!
  • KC_72 KC_72 2006/11/14
    I have lost over 13 inches(as of a week ago) in 30 days with the help and motivation I found on this site...can't say enough great things about it...or it's community...thanks for all of your hard work!! <BR>:).....KC
  • jeramiemaza jeramiemaza 2006/08/13
    I got to say thank you. I love this site and all ready I can feel the set up routines are working for me. I'm sore, lol, I love it. Take it easy.
  • [Former member] 2006/07/26
    Whoa! George you're ripped!!! <BR>I was doing so great on here with the diet and everything then I went off work for holidays and I haven't been to the gym since saturday! argh! :) Back to it today:) <BR>Anyway, London is cool. Did you like western?
  • MannyMaster MannyMaster 2006/05/16
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This website and the wonderful people on it have given me everything that I needed to get back into fitness and finally stick with it. Thanks to you guys I'm finally on my way to my personal best. THANK YOU!
  • george george 2006/05/04
    Thanks for the feedback everyone! <BR> <BR>We're working hard on the new upgrades and features! <BR> <BR>
  • martyk martyk 2006/04/25
    tanks for having a site that really wants to help people instead of hurting their wallets.
  • Lutro Lutro 2006/04/17
    I have to congratulate the people who are responsible for the site. It´s awesome. It makes everything for us and we just got to focus on lifting, nutrition and rest.Very helpfull.
  • yadmit yadmit 2006/02/12
    Thanks for great site, George... I, along with all others here, appreciate all the work you and Adrian are doing here! <BR> <BR>t
  • txfemalebb txfemalebb 2005/11/25
    A friend sent me your site. Started the 12 week muscle mass program. Looking forward to seeing my end results. Glad he sent me your way.
  • zak786 zak786 2005/08/10
    George, what a slammin website....and killer body
  • man_of_steel man_of_steel 2005/06/04
    hey george this website is great, i has helped me alot. Thanks alot
  • gatormade gatormade 2005/05/20
    George, I love this website! It is one of my favorite places to read and post.
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