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Co-founder of FreeTrainers.com. Most of my free time revolves around improving my physical fitness and personal wellness.. as well as that of others.. hence the purpose of your FreeTrainers.com community!

Goals and motivation

Work for tomorrow - LIVE FOR TODAY! I am a firm believer in attaining and maintaining Personal Health and Fitness, daily. There are too many benefits to list here.. but FreeTrainers.com is a perfect start. My goal and motivation has always been to help others reach their goals, and by creating FreeTrainers.com we can offer support, motivatio, encouragement and more for real life results people can experience every single day.

Fit wall

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  • george george 2012/04/18
    Charlie, much appreciated - thanks! Smoothie.. it's a top priority on our list. Everyone.. thank you! These comments are what drive me to do this.
  • [Former member] 2012/04/18
    Hi George, please set me up as an administrator in the new member group if you think I can help.
  • Smoothi Smoothi 2012/04/16
    Hey George, So I am planning the family holiday for July and started thinking that I am not going to have access to a computer. Before anxiety sets in; is there going to be some kind of FreeTrainers app soon?! I know I am probably getting ahead of myself but ...
  • 4 4 2012/04/02
    Excellent! This website is full of beneficial information, and it's free. I can't believe how fortunate I am to have found such a benevolent website with an honest, and helpful community. George, I'm forever thankful to you and Adrian, I will be a daily user of this website. I will spread the word to all my friends, so they can also sign up, and benefit from this wonderful site. With true happiness & gratitude, - Christopher
  • Mpthakkar02 Mpthakkar02 2012/03/19
    Thnx george... I have come for this site because i have a little problem with my body.... I am 18 year boy but my belly looks like a girl's belly...it is curved from sides...' ") (" shaped...plz help me...and give workouts for flatten belly...
  • Teensy Teensy 2012/02/27
    I just wanted to say thankyou george, i felt lost untill i found this site, i have been actively trying improve my fitness for a long time now but had no idea if i was doing the right things to achieve my goals, now i feel like i can find all the answers i need, the people here are so lovely and supportive and the information you provide is priceless! You have given me back my confidence THANKYOU!
  • Smoothi Smoothi 2012/02/15
    Hey George, All I can say is WOW & bless you, this website is AWESOME!!! I love it and look forward to posting pictures on here once I have reached my target, as well as Motivating others and finding encouragement and inspiration for myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • pianoforte pianoforte 2012/02/12
    Hello George, I work in the childcare of a community recreation centre that has a fantastic fitness gym for adults and youth. I have full access to the gym and have membership discounts on fitness programs. I have only used the fitness centre twice in the 3 and a half years I have worked there. My excuses: I work 40 mins from home. I find that after driving home, making dinner, driving my children to their activities, that I am ready to relax. I hope to learn more about fitness and eating healthier. Thank you
  • Kirst81 Kirst81 2012/01/31
    Hi I'm new to all this and have just joined a gym and don't know for how long and what equipment I should be using for weight loss and tone. Don't want to look ill like to keep curves
  • ruzelgjamilon ruzelgjamilon 2012/01/31
    Thank you George for the tips. :) I look forward to knowing this site (and the members) better. :)
  • m.a.siddiqui m.a.siddiqui 2012/01/29
    thank u so much george .. its great help man .....
  • Adrian Adrian 2012/01/24
    Snooker is going great man! I'm playing a bit better than I was during highschool :-)
  • rocke2002 rocke2002 2009/08/17
    Hey George, <BR> <BR>Are you still in need of pictures? I am a profesional photographer and if we can coordinate with some members of this comunity in my area, we may be able to shoot something good for your site and my port. Most important part, no charge. <BR>You cas see some of my work at www.rockephotography.com and www.modelmayhem.com/rocke
  • somethin4mark somethin4mark 2007/07/25
    hey George, just wanted to say thanks for making this site and I want you to be on the lookout for me in my new FreeTrainers muscle shirt. :) Ever think about selling towels or water coolers too?
  • msmogreen msmogreen 2007/02/08
    Its been a while since I checked out your profile--enjoyed the video! This site was the answer I was looking for back in April. A friend was paying big bucks (that I didn't have) to a personal trainer and I was determined to get in shape, too. She's done with her PT sessions and I'm still going strong thanks to this site. I tell people in the gym about this site all the time. Thank you so much!
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