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  • 42 years old
  • Joined: 2005/05/27
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  • 42 years old
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I take life by the horns and smile and joke about it as much as possible. Interests include: motorcycles, cars, boxing, ground defense, various styles of martial arts, marathon training and competitions, racquetball, rugby, football, lifting, and just about any kind of sport that challenges me without involving the principle of more money spent equals better results.
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Goals and motivation

Winter Goals:
45 minute 10K
1:44:59 1/2 marathon
3:59:59 marathon

Fit wall

  • gangstershoes gangstershoes 2005/08/09
    charlie your showing your age again man..... Look on my right leg for the number. :)
  • [Former member] 2005/08/08
    Beautiful family gangstershoes. I enjoy your posts. No about the marathon picture, you're not wearing a number. Did you just jump in for the last mile??:)
  • vadwear vadwear 2005/08/01
    I just went to the site and saw your family.. congradulations to you and best of luck with your races..Lisa
  • gangstershoes gangstershoes 2005/07/07
    That is my wonderful little girl Kadence that is now going to be 2 years old on July 31 2005. I just had a son (gangstershoes the third) aka Trey, April 9th 2005. <BR>here are some recent pics back in April. <BR>
  • shivanidar shivanidar 2005/06/28
    Is that your son/ daughter mr gangster... sweet baby...
  • gangstershoes gangstershoes 2005/06/10
    yeah it was a good sprint to the end, even when I was sticking my tongue out to taunt him. LOL.....
  • asimmer asimmer 2005/06/10
    I love the look on the other guy's face in your running picture! <BR> <BR>Welcome to ft!