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22 years old. Started working out regularly 6/04. Kept it up with a little help from everyone here. The thing I have found though is that this stuff is addicting. No matter how much bigger you get, how much you can lift, you ALWAYS want more. I love it!

Goals and motivation

Now: 5'10" 157.
Goals: Bench- 185x4 (I have been trying to hit this forever and can't make progress),
Squat- 275x4 (So close I can taste it!),
Deadlift- 315x4 (Hit it in November then took a month off when I pulled a hamstring and haven't gotten back quite yet(295)).

Fit wall

  • kellybabexx kellybabexx 2010/06/22
    nice bbe <3 <BR>i need some advice on dieting babe xxx<3
  • ecle5c ecle5c 2007/08/31
    Cut down slightly for the summer. I still lift regularly in the summer, I just enjoy throwing in a lot more cardio (mountain biking, sprints on the track, etc). <BR> <BR>Back to the numbers I posted in 1/25 for the most part. Bench is probably at 180, squat 275 and DL 315. Can't wait to blow those out of the water this fall.
  • ecle5c ecle5c 2007/01/24
    Upped my bench max to 190, squat max to 275 and DL max to 320. Working my way on up. Did all of this while only gaining 2 lbs over the past 6 months.
  • ecle5c ecle5c 2006/12/06
    I switched off of the westside routine for about 2 months, it wsa really taxing my body. I think I hit an overtraining point there for a while. Anyway, I switched it up and used some various periodization techniques. I also tried to do a lot more "functional" training. My grandparents have a farm so I did more manual work which was a great change of pace. <BR> <BR>Switched back to westside and blew past my bench goal in my first week. I haven't maxed in a few months, but I smashed the goal. Time to set new ones. <BR> <BR>I hope to smash my squat goal this week also, imagine that 2 PRs in one week.
  • ecle5c ecle5c 2006/10/17
    I went on a change of pace for a while and began using a standard westside routine. My bench jumped about 15 pounds in 2 months (180), deadlift jumped 20 pounds (335), and squat went up to 265.
  • ecle5c ecle5c 2006/04/06
    I hit the deadlift goal!!! Very close to the squat goal also, 20 pounds off but could do it on a good day. I don't know what the bench problem is, I am stuck around 165 1rm. I usually finish my workout at 155 or 160 and can only push out 1-3. Bench is my weak link, but I am not that worried about it anymore I think pulling 315 off the floor looks way cooler than pressing 185 anyday.
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2005/07/26
    nice goals. without goals we are nothing. How are you coming along?