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Senior college. Physics major, business minor. Plan to compete in powerlifting in 2008... booya

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  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2009/02/23
    new blog at <BR>that is where i will be trackign my training.
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2008/12/15
    thought i should update this. <BR> <BR>9/27 was my last meet <BR>geared, in the 275s. <BR>squat 500-briefs and belts <BR>bench 345 <BR>dl 560 briefs belt <BR>1400lb total
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2008/03/15
    thanks corless. this is going to be my first meet so we will see how i do. still got about 6 weeks or so so hopefully i will be hitting something a little heavier for the meet. its on May 3rd. im trying to clean up the diet a bit too. ideally i would like to be in the 242s, but i dont know if im going to make it...
  • corless319 corless319 2008/03/11
    Did you do the meet those are some awesome gains i seen your two pics i seen the size gain ... pretty awesome im not into competing but i might cause it sounds pretty awesome.
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2008/02/28
    bench 295 <BR>squat 420 <BR>dead 485 <BR>--------- <BR>total 1200 <BR> <BR>hopefully 1250 or so for the meet...
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2007/04/04
    as of right now: <BR>Bench: failed 275 2 times, failed 265(if rested would be easy), 3board 285 <BR>Squat: parallel box 425 <BR>Deads: convent 425, sumo 405
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2006/11/27
    haha. i thought that was funny for some reason... <BR> <BR>yea... im still a ways away from my goals tho. i want to hit a 1500 total eventually at least... but im just breaking 1000 right now. I really need to get my bench moving as it is puttin a mental block on me. Not to mention all the craziness in my life right now. I will post up some new PRs at the end of the year... if im sober (i turn 21 on the 28).
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2006/10/19
    uh oh, someones getting strong.
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2006/10/06
    maxes as of today 10/6. <BR>Bench 235x1 <BR>Deadlift: 405x1 <BR>Squat: 405x1
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2006/08/03
    as of 8/3/06 i am up to about 228lbs. Back in November i was down to a real unhealthy lean (for me) at about 178 at 6'2. I am back up and hopefully my maxes have increased... but only time will tell b/c im not finding my maxes till i start Westside up again in 3-4 weeks.
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2006/05/09
    ok. so as of 5/9 my new PRs are: <BR>Squat: 315x5, 365x0 (a very tiny bit of help at bottom to get out of hole so i cant really count) <BR>Deadlift: Sumo style- 355x3 <BR>Bench: 225x1 <BR>these are all huge jumps in the last couple months. about 40-50lbs each in dl and squat and around 25lbs in bench.
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2005/11/08
    well since i cant post my profile here you go. im 19 in the US, im a guy obviously. i used to weigh 220 about 2 years ago and it was all fat. i have been working hard and lost it down to 180, rather fast and now i have loose skin, but i am very intent on continuing working out. i will post my 1rm for the big 3 when i get them. thanks
  • coolnatedawg coolnatedawg 2005/11/06
    i have tried... it never stays... im surprised i even got the pic to work. but my personal info and all that says null all the time after i fill it in. weird.
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2005/10/31
    how bout updating the profile, let us know where your at??? good luck man, and glad i could help