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This is my way of life. I practice what I preach. and try to help others achieve their best and reach their goals, whatever they may be. I compete in the masters class in bodybuilding contests, and have over the years learned the best and shortest routes to achieving fitness through nutrition and training, and proper supplementation. I do so enjoy this sport/lifestyle, I think it is the greatest, it is a healthy way of life, a complete lifestyle. I enjoy the aspect of learning something new all the time, and helping others achieve their goals.

To note, I am now 64 yrs. old. Though I am obviously no lonnger a bodybuilder, I STILL hit the gym a minimum of 4 times per week. I still love and live the aspect of a strong, healthy life. I believe my exercise and dietary principles have guided me to wonderful health. I would like to help folks reach the goals they aspire to, thus my contributions to this site. Being one who has lived the gamut so to speak, actually competing in bodybuilding to just wanting to live a long and healthy life, I feel I can inject many do's and don'ts. Good luck to all out there trying to reach goals in health, no matter what it is.

Goals and motivation

New fitness and personal goals are to as always maintain health and fitness level, be proactive in my approach as always. My stepdaughter is now married off, and our plans to make the move out of state to Colorado are in full swing. This will negate me doing any contests this year, as the move takes priority. My gym time will not suffer though in any way, just will not be able to compete this year. Have done a nice bulk because of it, and gained a solid amount of lbm.

Fit wall

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  • Jdelts Jdelts 2004/06/20
    Your back double bicep shot looks awesome. Whoever placed ahead of you must have looked unbelievable because you looked flawless...great proportion and cuts. Get'em next time Ron.
  • davidov davidov 2004/05/19
    Write a book! You are the natural bodybuilders Arnold! I really hope you never get tired of FT.
  • lexballer13 lexballer13 2004/05/12
    About that training log, I can't find it.
  • nexus14 nexus14 2004/05/08
    I recently signed up to this forum and bb1fit is the man. <BR>He is very knowledgable. If you read his posts, you will find no inconsistancy or conflict. Everything is well explained. <BR>I truly believe and trust him and will take whatever advise he gives. <BR>bb1fit RULES!.. <BR>
  • amyscott amyscott 2004/04/28
    ur looking really fit and healthy
  • Valrash Valrash 2004/04/16
    Wow, you look younger than 40 in your pics bb1fit, and I really have to agree, you practice what you preach. I hope that when I hit your age I'll still be in shape and going to the gym, right now I'm in my prime and would like to get into competetive body building when I get out of the service (which won't be for a couple of years). Thanks for the advice, I see that alot of people look to you for advice and I can see why. Once again thankyou for the inspiration and dedication you have and good luck to you in all your endeavors, there's not many out there like you.
  • almatoo almatoo 2004/04/10
    Hi bb1fit. I have only been a member at this website a few months but I have been very impressed with everyone's willingness to help. I was reading your grocery list. I eat pretty much from the list but I do eat alot of carbs too since I'm pretty thin and have a fast metabolism. My question is: are bagels and bread out? Also, there is mix feelings about raisins - what's your take on that? <BR>I'm asking because although my upper body is fit and defines(thanks to program) I have the typical woman problem with fat on my gluts and a post-babies belly pouch. I'm following the program and working hard but can't seem to loose the fat on these areas.
  • Hellscream Hellscream 2004/04/02
    54, wow, ur doing better than arnold shwarz..from looks of his body in some photos looks like hes getting lazy these days, but who knows :) <BR> <BR>BTW a big thx for all the help you provided in this site, Ive read tons of your posts and helped me lots.
  • Kromone Kromone 2004/03/27
    I am seriously f'ing impressed. Fifty-four and still going powerful as hell, not only intellectually but physically as well too. Man, oh man. You are probably up to par with Bruce Lee and his arduous lifestyle of fitness freakness, and maybe even more so. This is the real deal here.
  • yadmit yadmit 2004/02/08
    Man, I hope I'm in half the shape you are in at 54! I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and advice you give on this site! Getting into good physical condition can be very confusing and your advice has become very handy! I, and I'm sure others, appreciate your help, understanding (cuz sometimes my questions feel rather silly) and advice! <BR> <BR>Thanks! <BR>Tim
  • Awildcat112 Awildcat112 2004/02/05
    You are in awsome shape. it is amazing that you are looking that good at the age of 54. <BR>
  • Myrak43 Myrak43 2004/02/04
    Hello bb1fit, I am just starting out in trying to obtain my fittness goals. You seem to have been at it for some time now. I would truely be thankful for any help you could give me. If I could e-mail you and tell somethings about me and what I am trying to accomplish, would you be welling to tell me what it is I am doing wrong or right. Thanks. P.S. my email is myron.wakefield@delta.com
  • Jdelts Jdelts 2003/12/05
    You look great man, and you always have helpful an insightful posts, but the Cowboys? My best friend is a Cowboys fan and I thought this sight would be non-partisan and a place to escape the daily hell that I call "being a Giants fan". Thanks for making me feel at home! LOL
  • Clown_Boy Clown_Boy 2003/11/20
    Hey Sandys Ford,Its cody,I never thought that uncle dude was that ripped!!!
  • kevin448 kevin448 2003/11/11
    Thanks for your help. I hope i can look like what you do when i reach my 50s.
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