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This is my way of life. I practice what I preach. and try to help others achieve their best and reach their goals, whatever they may be. I compete in the masters class in bodybuilding contests, and have over the years learned the best and shortest routes to achieving fitness through nutrition and training, and proper supplementation. I do so enjoy this sport/lifestyle, I think it is the greatest, it is a healthy way of life, a complete lifestyle. I enjoy the aspect of learning something new all the time, and helping others achieve their goals.

To note, I am now 64 yrs. old. Though I am obviously no lonnger a bodybuilder, I STILL hit the gym a minimum of 4 times per week. I still love and live the aspect of a strong, healthy life. I believe my exercise and dietary principles have guided me to wonderful health. I would like to help folks reach the goals they aspire to, thus my contributions to this site. Being one who has lived the gamut so to speak, actually competing in bodybuilding to just wanting to live a long and healthy life, I feel I can inject many do's and don'ts. Good luck to all out there trying to reach goals in health, no matter what it is.

Goals and motivation

New fitness and personal goals are to as always maintain health and fitness level, be proactive in my approach as always. My stepdaughter is now married off, and our plans to make the move out of state to Colorado are in full swing. This will negate me doing any contests this year, as the move takes priority. My gym time will not suffer though in any way, just will not be able to compete this year. Have done a nice bulk because of it, and gained a solid amount of lbm.

Fit wall

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  • thedominator thedominator 2005/04/07
    wow!!! i hope i'm half what u r at 55.. nice going.. keep it up for the good.. you look great
  • Smurfetta Smurfetta 2005/02/19
    You look great! Thanks for all your input on the boards.
  • ace-dragoon ace-dragoon 2005/02/05
    Ron! Woe brother. I thought life was over at 50. I don't know anyone that looks that good in their 30's. Question though about your motto,"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything". Were did you get that from? I like it and it could apply in just about everything. P.S. Thanks for giving of yourself to help others.
  • jazee_01 jazee_01 2005/02/01
    Thanks alot for your help bb1fit. Your definately a credit to the board. Looking good too. thanks again
  • tio tio 2005/01/27
    bb1fit,I have alot of respect for you because of what you have acomplished.I'm in search for real help and I think you are the one that can help me.I'm a 37 year old guy at 140 lbs.I have skinny arms and legs and a flabby waist all around me with a big belly also.I'm a very frustated person and I'm very embarrased of my body composition.I am afraid of taking my shirt off.I'm lack of self confidence because the way I look.I have been working out three times a week for one hour respectively;thas all the free time that i have to work out.I would love to loose the flab and buld some lean and nice muscle but I know that I am not doing the right thing,you know the routine.How can I accomplish my goals.Please help me,I will greatly appreciate your help.Writ at tio@freetrainers.com
  • evanthia evanthia 2005/01/16
    hi bb1fit, you have done so well, <BR>i read the comment about cardio on message board and you have helped me get my program into gear, i have pasted your last comment about do not base your workout on cardio as a reference in my workout diary. will keep you posted when i get results- evanthia
  • moune moune 2004/11/23
    hi bb1fit iam very new as fitness professional and evrytime i have a clinet i am scared that the training that i did for him/her is not suitable for him/her to lose weight or whatever is the goal i always go back to my reference manual book but i feel that i lack of confidence im quite shy so i'm afraid that the person might not like what i did for thim/her.i leave in the middle east for the moment and the members are all around europe ans states they are very demanding so can you tell me how can i feel more confident cause i will really like to grow in my work. <BR>thanks <BR>p.s:by the way you are incredible i always train like man so you are my new idol.
  • acenaf acenaf 2004/11/04
    Hi bb1fit. I've just joined FT and have been looking 4 advise on how 2 lose weight and tone up. I'm 27, 6ft tall, 14 1/2 stone (approx 200lb i think), got an athletic build but need to lose approx 20-30 lb. Mainly off my stomach! Its starting to get me down now so any advise or diet plan and training plan would be greatly appreciated. Please help. Ace from UK. acenaf1977@aol.com
  • Zackariah Zackariah 2004/10/21
    hey bb1fit i read all of the advice you have given on zma and it really helped me. you are the most knowledgabe person i know. keep up the good work and thanks again for your help. i would also like to know what kind of supplements you are on. right now i am on a good diet, and i take mega whey protien, zma, and sterobol from ultralab. i was woundering what your thoughts are on these supplements.i would also like to know what supplement you would recomend for me. i am very dedicated and i lift 6 days a week and i run for 4 days a week. oh and by the way you are in absolutly amazing shape for your age. i hope i am in as good of shape as you when i am 50. and good luck will your body-building comps...i was thinking of starting that by the way...
  • rafterq rafterq 2004/08/02
    Discipline - Motivation - Goal Setting <BR>Obviously, you are familar with all three strengths and I applaud your results. I appreciate the solutions and wisdom you offer in the forums. It's kind of like having someone there to pick you up when you fall! Thanks and hope for your continued success!
  • fabadini fabadini 2004/07/23
    Hey Ron <BR> I read a lot of your posts and I think it's great that we have somebody like you to answer some of our questions... there's one that I really would like to know, I really am trying to go to the gym on a regular basis but i never know if I'm doing the right things and/or eating right. I'm 5'9 - 23 yo. and Im looking to gain muscle mass and lose a little body fat such as love handles. So my "calculated daily requirements" said I should eat 400 g of carbs, is that Right??? I really don't know what to eat then... but is it okay to eat all these carbs when i'm also trying to lose some fat????? Thank you so much for your attention!
  • sweetonion sweetonion 2004/07/07
    Hi, I was wondering if you could take a look at my message on the female board entitled I AM FED UP, because I am curious as to what you think...I would really like your advice...it seems to be the best given in all message rooms. Thanks!
  • ursusarktos ursusarktos 2004/06/28
    You are a great inspiration, and have an amazing wealth of knowledge. I always enjoy rading your posts.
  • Reddy Reddy 2004/06/24
    I didn't hear how you did at the competion - I'm interested in knowing
  • sandysford sandysford 2004/06/23
    Yes Honey you should write a book, I have been telling him that for two years, maybe with hearing it from someone else he might jump in there and start one at least. Love you baby:)
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