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This is my way of life. I practice what I preach. and try to help others achieve their best and reach their goals, whatever they may be. I compete in the masters class in bodybuilding contests, and have over the years learned the best and shortest routes to achieving fitness through nutrition and training, and proper supplementation. I do so enjoy this sport/lifestyle, I think it is the greatest, it is a healthy way of life, a complete lifestyle. I enjoy the aspect of learning something new all the time, and helping others achieve their goals.

To note, I am now 64 yrs. old. Though I am obviously no lonnger a bodybuilder, I STILL hit the gym a minimum of 4 times per week. I still love and live the aspect of a strong, healthy life. I believe my exercise and dietary principles have guided me to wonderful health. I would like to help folks reach the goals they aspire to, thus my contributions to this site. Being one who has lived the gamut so to speak, actually competing in bodybuilding to just wanting to live a long and healthy life, I feel I can inject many do's and don'ts. Good luck to all out there trying to reach goals in health, no matter what it is.

Goals and motivation

New fitness and personal goals are to as always maintain health and fitness level, be proactive in my approach as always. My stepdaughter is now married off, and our plans to make the move out of state to Colorado are in full swing. This will negate me doing any contests this year, as the move takes priority. My gym time will not suffer though in any way, just will not be able to compete this year. Have done a nice bulk because of it, and gained a solid amount of lbm.

Fit wall

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  • MD2 MD2 2006/04/23
    Never mind. Just found an article you wrote from '04. It was very helpful, please keep posting your comments!
  • MD2 MD2 2006/04/23
    Hi, I've been trying to get back into a workout and just signed up for a gym. I was searching through past conversations and came across your views on cardio, from sometime in 2002. I was going to start incorporating a cardio workout in before my weight training, but I have to say, you really changed my mind. I'm looking to loose fat and gain lean muscle (like millions of others). But now I'm not sure if I want a cardio workout at all, realizing it may not help me loose the fat. I was wondering if your oppinions had changed any since '02. I would appriciate it if you could e-mail a response at timea@bellsouth.net. Thanks.
  • isis45uk isis45uk 2006/03/23
    Hi im new to the site and would like some advise. My name is Lee, im from england,im 27 and am 5ft 9inch. I weigh 18stone 2pounds (about 113kg) Ive been trying to lose weight for the last 6 weeks and have had mixed results. My main goal is to lose weight gain and tone muscle. <BR>Ive been working out for 4 of the 6 weeks and have been mislead on things. I would love some advise. Here is my workout. Day 1- (am) 40 mins cardio, then 60 mins weights using all the main muscle groups. Day 2- 60 mins cardio. I have also been doing 45 mins on an exercise bike at night for the last 3 days to see if that speeds up the weight lose. Ive just read what you put on the website about doing you weights first and not no an empty stomuch, which i was told. I no its asking alot but i would be really greatful if you could give me some advise on an exercise plan to use. It terms of my diet im eating healthy now. If you could e-mail me i would be very greatful my e-mail address is isis45uk@yahoo.co.uk Thanks Lee
  • severrin severrin 2006/02/24
    I just wanted you to know that you and a few others that are on here are my major inpiration. I've only been a member for about a week and a hlaf maybe but i've never been more psyched about hitting the gym and getting fit again in my life. I just wanted to tahnk you so much for sharing your knowledge on here with me. thank you!
  • fitinboise fitinboise 2006/01/04
    Hi BB, was wondering if you could take a look at my workout that I posted in the Advanced section. <BR> <BR>You look great man! Keep it up!!
  • cy-7 cy-7 2005/12/10
    this is cy-7 I went on a weight loss diet and did lose weit I went from 180 to130 then noticed that I nolonger got a burn while exercising I no longer get sore even after working to muscle failure I seem to no longer be able to build muscle or develop strength I have been to physicians had emgs that they tell me are normal they told me that my metabolism is functioning at the high end of normal then why do I still get fat after trying to increase my intake to build muscle when I lost weight I was eating two meals a day when I eat three I gain fat I tried to follow the standard body building diet 1-1.5 grams of protien per pound of body weight 2 grams of carbs per pound but just gai fat they also told me that my testosterone is at a normal level could they be wrong I went to another bodybuilder for advice and he said I lost my pump is this true or just rubbish and if so how do I get it back without looking like the michelenman I am 39 and serving in the middle east and have strict fitness and bodyfat regulations I am almost cosidering steroids and am currently trying a low carb diet 20grams aday
  • atmasters atmasters 2005/09/28
    Wow you really are in great shape. I really like to hear from you when I post. I can not stop talking to people in the gym I go to about freetrainers.com I always leave my book open on the floor so people can see it. It is a person like your self that make this site what it is today. Thanks !! <BR> <BR>Keep up the good work. And I hope you get 1st in all your competitions. <BR> <BR>By: ATMASTERS <BR>
  • bbaith bbaith 2005/08/08
    WOW, you should be proud regardless of what you place in competition, You seem very knowledgable and you look awesome. Thanks for the great info.
  • eng_ler eng_ler 2005/07/25
    Hi bb1fit-- <BR> You have given a lot of good advice through the message boards that I have read. One thread was posted by a guy who asked about cutting down after gaining for a time, and two of the moderators recommended that he contact you about diet and lifting. I'm about to finish the 12-week mass building phase here on ft, so I'm gonna cut down as well. All I know about this is to cut calories, and I think I'm supposed to do it by decreasing carbs; is that true? Would you mind filling me in about the right diet for this? Also I'm confused about what training regimen goes with a cutting phase. Could you also take some time to type some info about that? I am SO thankful that you're sharing your knowledge with us at ft; have a great day.
  • DX14AG DX14AG 2005/07/25
    Hey Ron, I totally support your idea of writing a book. I would buy it in a flash seriously. Keep up the great work! <BR> <BR>DX
  • sivysivy sivysivy 2005/07/08
  • Kikii Kikii 2005/07/05
    WOW, Congrats on your hard work being well worth it...You look amazing and I'm sure you also feel great... Keep it up!! Kate :)
  • PoolMaster1990 PoolMaster1990 2005/06/12
    I bet u i can beatcha up! lol jk :p
  • febreze febreze 2005/06/04
    damn, i used 2 think u were like in ure early thirties! lol, u look great man, keep it up
  • pchuck2002 pchuck2002 2005/04/18
    Quite a inspiration to those who are starting and don't think that it's possible.
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