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  • 33 years old
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  • United States United States
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  • 33 years old
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I'm 6'2", 182 pounds. I love basketball and all sports. Most of all, I love Jesus Christ, and I would love to tell you about him.

Goals and motivation

Increase Strength, of course.

Fit wall

  • corless319 corless319 2008/03/12
    are you asian or are you the guy dunking the ball?
  • mobstert2005 mobstert2005 2006/08/13
    hey i saw that you play basketball also. could you tell me if this is a good workout for legs. <BR>i squat then i dont even rest and i go streight to box jumps and do about 25 of them then run up and down stairs 3 times. i will do 3 sets of those things each, then i will do seated calves and leg curls is that good? if not could you straightin me out a bit. thanks man
  • JoeRob JoeRob 2006/07/31
    Hey how's it goin? I noticed that you play basketball and so do I. I was wonderin if you could help me out and give me some exercises that would benifit the muscles I need to use to get stronger and improve my hops!
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2005/08/25
    Aron, I have said it before, and will say it again. It almost brings a tear to my eye when I think of how you have advanced from kid playing sports to an educated athlete.
  • sweitz14 sweitz14 2004/07/12
    To increase your hops, focus on total body strength training not just legs. Lift with intensity and don't worry about getting "too bulky" you won't. I'm an old man now (29) but I used to live for basketball. I always got above the rim best when I was training intensly.
  • arondaballer arondaballer 2004/02/28
    oook what the heck was that?
  • Awildcat112 Awildcat112 2004/02/28
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  • angiestarr angiestarr 2004/02/10
    Good Luck!!