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  • Joined: 2006/10/26
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  • 49 years old
  • Joined: 2006/10/26


5' 1", 36, 110# as of 9/22/07.. I work out at the gym 6 days a wk.. strength/weight training 45-60 mins then cardio 6 days a week for 30+ mins..

Goals and motivation

I want to be strong and ripped...

Placed 1st in Masters Figure Over 30 short class in the Lakeland Classic 9/22/07.

Looking forward to competing in bodybuilding in the summer of 08.

Fit wall

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  • yadmit yadmit 2008/01/03
    Nice work, V.... <BR> <BR>t
  • Vedakathryn Vedakathryn 2007/11/23
    Well, Velasca, as you can see by the comments above(and the drool, lol), your progress has been inspiring! I wish you continued success and am very happy to see another member of FT become a fitness model to motivate and inspire all of us! You have a right to be proud of your success!
  • h.folker h.folker 2007/11/08
    Velasca: i am new here, and only posted a couple of times. I went back and saw your answer to one of those. then i view your profile. Man, i have to tell ya what a body!! I have tried to send two,or three msg tonight,don't know if they got to you, What ever you did,Worked!!,5'1",110lbs,tight bod,and pretty too, What a combo. I wish i knew you better, but i sure your door has been beaten down by now. The very best in the upcomming comps., I am sure you will win, how the work you have done turned out, can't miss!. Excuse the delay in responding, my computer took a dump, just got it back online a few dats ago. Hope to see more pics of you soon. Take care, keep your goles in mind. Definitely an admirer!!!!!
  • raerae224 raerae224 2007/10/01
    holy crap. you are one ripped woman. amazing job! you should feel so accomplished!
  • [Former member] 2007/09/19
    Don't really know you Valesca but nice work. Pat yourself on the back.
  • christal086 christal086 2007/09/14
    WOW velasca thats an amzing after shot! such an inspiration too! i wish i was that tight :)
  • msmogreen msmogreen 2007/09/08
    Hot damn, Velasca! You're making some amazing progress. I wish I could say the same.
  • flyonthewall flyonthewall 2007/09/07
    WoW Valesca, your pics just keep getting better and better! Look at the deninition in those arms! Beautiful! Best of luck to you in the comp...you're smokin!!
  • Carivan Carivan 2007/07/23
    Nice sculpting job! keep up the hard work!
  • msmogreen msmogreen 2007/07/17
    Wow, Velasca! Look at you! I'm going to have to learn to refresh more often. Hadn't seen the new bikini pic. You're an inspiration.
  • k-ok k-ok 2007/06/09
    Great new pic. You go girl!
  • cg_sebastian cg_sebastian 2007/05/22
    if u dont have a lover pls send msg
  • flyonthewall flyonthewall 2007/05/15
    Just noticed your new pics...you're lookin awesome. Great work!
  • hardnfit hardnfit 2007/05/13
    you rock. keep training'
  • asimmer asimmer 2007/05/06
    Hey Velasca - your new pictures look great!!!
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