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HI! Five feet seven inches, 228 inches of soda drinks, too large portions of anything and a fierce need to rid myself of it all! Mother of three wonderful boys and a grandmother to a one year old boy. A loving wife to a loving husband that thinks I'm beautiful fat and all (funny how he is always much more cuddly when I'm thinner!). Never had a problem with weight even after three children until thyroid cancer 12 years ago and a measured, calculated amount of thyroid hormone seems to fight any prior losing goals. I'm 42 now and I can't let any more layers pack on and I would like to see my cheek bones again! I would like to lose 78 pounds - arrgggghhhh - that sounds unbelievable, but it took 12 years to put in on, I think I can take a year to take it off! I need encouragement, friendly support - I have the motivation, just some bad days I have a tougher time getting through that make me want to throw in the towel - I think I've found a great place from all I've read...I'm READY!

Goals and motivation

I have lost 8 of those pounds but really should of done much better by now so I raised the stakes, joined a gym and now need to work on nutrition. TODAY IS MY TOMORROW, TOMORROW IS MY HOPE!

UPDATE NOV 07: Well, I have lost approx. 40 pounds now total since becoming a member with FT. I have found my cheekbones and curves that I haven't seen in almost 15 years now. Life is tough...but being healthier makes it easier to get through and turning to exercise rather than food is much more satisfying. I gain all over, really not distributing in one particular area more, and I lose the same, so the process was slow as far as others noticing, but the past few months people have been commenting and it really makes me feel good knowing that maybe it may help them to make better choices, too.

Fit wall

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  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/29
    j.turner.ctr@gmail.com , Welcome to the FreeTrainers.com
  • beezbow beezbow 2008/12/03
    Just reading your posts... wondering how things are going for you? I know I don't know you, but I hope things are getting better!
  • Vedakathryn Vedakathryn 2008/05/28
    After losing Bentley in November, I have since had my daughter-in-laws leave their husbands (my sons) and my own husband just left without a word a week ago today...I am really sad about all of this...but at least I haven't eaten my way through all the pain...love what you have, people, don't let yourself forget what they mean to you...
  • mesquitetree1 mesquitetree1 2008/01/17
    Dear Veda: <BR>I read what you write and the positive in you is catching. You are most beautiful and I am most inspired to lose the weight. I am 5'8 230 and heading to a goal of 175. So I have work to do, but am gaining ground every day.
  • Stovonia Stovonia 2007/12/08
    Dear Veda: <BR> <BR>I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson. I know that it is hard to believe that such a precious gift has been taken. You and your family are in my prayers that you may find comforting within each other and by the grace of God can go on. <BR>Tonya
  • Vedakathryn Vedakathryn 2007/11/23
    My grandson, Bentley, who I have written about, passed away this past Saturday at 18 months old...he was our little soldier angel and I cannot imagine life without him, though his suffering here on earth was unimaginable, yet my heart aches so much to hold his little fingers again...I am going to take a deep breath here and try to get through the day...then the next...then the next...but the pain I see on my son & his wife's face is something I cannot erase...I can't fix this... <BR> <BR>I won't turn to food, though, I will not allow myself to stuff my face trying to take the pain away, that would not fix anything either.... <BR> <BR>Thank you all for your kindness, Veda
  • Vedakathryn Vedakathryn 2007/11/14
    Marla, email me if you are still around on the instant messenger and I will get back to you. You can do it, it gets to be like second nature after you do it for a while! Good luck to you!
  • marla182 marla182 2007/06/09
    hey i am trying to lose weight about 30 pound can you help me i dont no how shop healhty..
  • christal086 christal086 2007/01/06
    your words were so true in your posts. thankyou for inspiration to ditch the cookies and grab a hold of life!
  • Vedakathryn Vedakathryn 2007/01/04
    I AM BACK! Had a long hiatus during a grueling year, took time to re-evaluate my life --stopped working for someone else on their news magazine and started my own newspaper, moved, had two grandchildren, one of which needs your prayers immensly as he has been dr. diagnosed with Type I Spinal Muscular Atrophy, so please, those of you of faith, don't delay and add him to your prayers as it is our belief that he will receive total healing as we uplift him in prayer. I am glad to be back with such a supportive team and hope I have things I can offer to FT. Tough year, but I am here starting on a positive note!!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2006/10/02
    So where are you?!!!!!
  • phimugirl1 phimugirl1 2006/04/21
    Your new picture is great! Are you still posting here? How have you been? I'm still making progress. I just don't get around to posting like I had been. It'd be great to hear from you and how you're doing! You have always been so helpful and supportive.
  • brchandler brchandler 2006/03/16
    Thankyou so much for your advice , I needed that , and this place is so great , I feel so much support from this website , I never knew that you could find support from strangers , but its great , so thanks for the much needed advice.
  • george george 2006/02/20
    A BIG thanks to your great posts and support in the forum!
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