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I am 14 years old and have been a gymnast for 2 years. I am training to be a class two and my first year as a gymnast I was undefeated as a class five. I dont weight lift but i would like to get started. I am 4'7" and weigh 90 pounds.

Goals and motivation

I can do 32 pull ups and am very strong for my size. I have a six pack and people describe me as short and buff. i can bench around 100 pounds and i want to get stronger but i dont want to lose my athletic ability. My first year as a gymnast i was an undefeated state chapion as a class five.

Fit wall

  • ioioio ioioio 2004/05/01
    Great stuff man keep on working hard!! I just thought that u and awildcat teasing me in my very own profile was babyish and plain stupid!!! But anyway good luck and i hope you achieve all your goals <BR>
  • Leilita808 Leilita808 2004/02/19
    =0) it's nice to see teens doing great things =0)
  • Manual Manual 2004/02/12
    Thanx every one for your great comments!
  • Ogun Ogun 2004/02/10
    Yep, most of us muscleheads couldn't hope to do half of the complex maneuvers that gymnists do, so enjoy being on the top with you niche. ;)
  • Awildcat112 Awildcat112 2004/02/07
    good job man, I know a little bit about Gymnastics and that is very good I think you are headed for the Olympics if you keep improoving at that rate.
  • dhurt55 dhurt55 2004/02/07
    WOW is right...you are truly an athlete, gymnasts are in a class all on their own...KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!
  • richardjst richardjst 2004/02/07
    Wow...there are some things I would love to be able to do...Gymnasts are in a class all on their own as far as I am concerned! Good luck with your goals!