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Hello! My name is Lillie (pronounced lee lee).

I used to be really really heavy. I was 289 pounds at 15 years old. I was bullied for my weight and told my mom that if she didn't transfer me, I would drop out of high school. She transferred me, but over the summer, I because severely depressed about my weight and became anorexic, losing 50 pounds in a month and a half. My new friends encouraged me to lose weight in a less harmfulway, so I joined a kickboxing class in my town. I participated in the class for a while until I suffered a major back injury on my 18th birthday. I was unable to seek medical attention and lost all my confidence as I gained back 1/4 of the weight I had lost. I had made it down to 170, and was at 200 again by May of that year (my birthday is in January). I had slowly tried to integrate myself back into a moderate activity level,but would re-injure myself each time because I was a fan of very vigorous exercise. By the time I was able to seek medical attention, I was 19 and found out that I had fractured my pelvis in the initial injury. I was in physical therapy for a short time before I injured my hips AGAIN, this time being bedridden and confined to a wheelchair for two weeks in excruciating pain. After taking some time to allow my lower back to calm down, I decided to take a yoga class at my university. My instructor performed an evaluation and reported that I have very little strength in my back, hips, thighs, and shoulders (from a disorder I inherited from my dad). By this time, I'm at 224 pounds again and I hate it! My family's diet is based off of my 13 year old sister's eating habits with no support for my frequent decisions to be healthier.

I'm in a size 14 right now.

Well, that's my crazy story.


Goals and motivation

I want to at least get back to 170ish. My super attractive boyfriend and gorgeously thin sisters are my motivation, along with my desire to not develop heart disease in the future. I want to wear smaller clothes. I'm in a size 14 right now.

Fit wall

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    I carry my weight in my face, stomach, and legs.