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OK....had to change my profile...
I'm about 5'7 and am currently at 143...would like to lose about ten more pounds...or one pant size...don't care which..when I started here a year ago I was at 161 and thought cardio and starving in a low fat low calorie diet was the way to go...and I learned how very wrong I was..to anybody new...this is an amazeing site...the advice...if you really listen and get rid of preconceived notions is phenomanal...Good luck to all....

Goals and motivation

I've lost about 15 pounds since I started back into a regular workout plan,and am trying to lose about twenty more.Adding strength training to my cardio has helped a great deal.I love this site and have had alot of fun and have gotten some fabulous advice since I first started here.I'm looking forward to using this sight to break through the "walls" I know are coming.
*Update*9/9/2006...I know the walls are still coming...and so far I have been successful in getting over them...my next goal????Those size 6 jeans!!!!Tried them the other day....although they at least go over my kness now....woohoo...still can't button them...let alone wear them in public...so that's the goal...size 6 jeans...here I come!!

*OK...I was brave and posted my challenge pictures...the first was taken at the beginning of the challenge...the second 30 days later...I am not Ms. America by any means(yet)but I plan on working hard to get that bathing suit to actually FIT!!!!

Fit wall

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  • James47 James47 2012/03/12
    " Life without a mission has no purpose. Life without a purpose is worthless. Find your mission, live your purpose and add value to life."
  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/26
    you looked great j.turner.ctr@gmail.com
  • Ravenbeauty Ravenbeauty 2008/11/16
    Scott!!!!!! You better get a hold of me BROTHER or I am gonna have to HURT you! <BR> <BR>
  • birdee162001 birdee162001 2007/12/10
    HEY...I am Canadian EH?
  • birdee162001 birdee162001 2007/12/10
    HOLY SNAPIN!!! you looked GREAT in the first picture!!!! And i am sure you would look great in a bikini no matter what size you are now!!!!
  • christal086 christal086 2007/08/30
    love these new pics your face looks like its getting younger and younger.... working out is working wonders for you!
  • BILL06 BILL06 2007/08/26
    where's my buddy gone too ?
  • msmogreen msmogreen 2007/04/29
    KC, my God, you are looking SO skinny! You look great. You should be proud of all your hard work.
  • christal086 christal086 2007/03/10
    i love that picture of you in your LBD ( little black dress) you look so trim! how old are your children?
  • KC_72 KC_72 2007/01/28
    over and over and over........ <BR> <BR> <BR>and over...... <BR> <BR>and over...... <BR> <BR>Gotta love them raspberries.....
  • ka ka 2007/01/26
    I guess you answered my question ;)
  • frnchfry81 frnchfry81 2007/01/26
    Hey KC was told to ask you what a RASBERRY is...lol <BR>since you know all about these things. <BR>nice pics looking good!!!! :)
  • christal086 christal086 2007/01/23
    those werent the new pictures i was talking about they havent been loaded yet from the moderators i can really see a difference when they get up you might to. <BR>i cant believe your a size 6 talk about tiny! :)
  • BIGKATT BIGKATT 2007/01/22
    BK wuz here....LOL Keep up the good work and I coulda swore I had already left you a comment... <BR> <BR>Anyway, U GO GURL! lol
  • christal086 christal086 2007/01/18
    hey KC you look amazing so tall and trim.
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