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27 y.o. from Long Island NY. Getting married in July, 2006
Work for a school district as the Director of registration and as a Social Worker couseling the little nut-jobs we call teenagers. Lifting is a huge part of my life...since I was 15.

Goals and motivation

I have competed in bodybuilding competitions where I have respectfully placed 6th(2003) and 2nd(May 2005). I have been a competative powerlifter in the ameteur curcuit. I live a NATURAL lifestyle meaning I don't stick needles in my ass to look big...I look down upon Juice-heads because they are cheaters no matter how you slice it.
My personal achievements in powerlifting include:
Bench: 475.
Deadlift: Did 505 for 6 reps as of October 19, 2005
I once did 660, strapped, in 2002
Squat: 520 below parallel and alot more if I cheated..ha ha.
Feb '06- I have been cleaning up my diet for the last few weeks and I am getting tighter. My short-term goals are to stay steady with the diet(fibrous carbs, heighten the protein intake, and make sure I spread my meals out throughout the day to keep that metabolism up) and to lift heavy with good form. The ultimate goal is to diet down to a lean 200lbs for my honeymoon in July. Right now I'm down to 220lbs with 13%BF.

Fit wall

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  • ioioio ioioio 2006/03/18
    hey haven't seen you on here for a while...good luck with your goals dude, you've got an incredible body!
  • t-babe t-babe 2005/10/29
    Congrats on 2nd place. Must make it only just bearable to miss out on top spot to your best mate. Anyway good luck with the rest of the comps and with keeping it healthy.
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2005/10/23
    good to have you back man. hurry up and update that profile, we want to see how you've progressed since leaving us.
  • MaxMuscle10 MaxMuscle10 2005/03/02
    hey you look pretty buff you have any advice for a teen tring to look like u
  • jtymez42006 jtymez42006 2004/11/26
    hi are you bi?...im 16 male bi you are hot as hell i have a pic if you want email me at: Jazon488@cs.com
  • acenaf acenaf 2004/11/04
    hi jdelts, need advise. If ur not to busy e-mail me acenaf1977@aol.com Just joined and wanna get fit. I'm 6ft, approx 200 lb. athletic physique exept for my stomach. want to lose 20-30 lbs. Am willing to train hard to get the results! Thanx.
  • daljit daljit 2004/10/04
    hi good work , i m new to this site and just looked ur profile, i have also participated in some bodybuilding competitions but not experienced as u.. when i need help i'll message u. <BR>
  • jxlynxli jxlynxli 2004/10/02
    yo Jdelts! wats good? havnt seen u in minute wats new?
  • Jdelts Jdelts 2004/07/29
    Hey, up yours JDELTS!
  • Jdelts Jdelts 2004/07/29
    Hey Jdelts! Your legs are too skinny!
  • admuscular78 admuscular78 2004/06/28
    Good work friend well i wana be like you
  • Reddy Reddy 2004/06/24
    good on the competion - I'm a Texas person so I don't know how you live way up there in that cold
  • ursusarktos ursusarktos 2004/06/03
    Impressive #s, goood luck for August. Going from 235 to 185 for a competion??? You must have felt pretty ragged with that kind of weight loss!
  • halfpint116 halfpint116 2004/04/25
    Wow delts, you not only have a GREAT body you have the looks to go with it.
  • fitinboise fitinboise 2004/04/15
    455 lb. Bench...among other things. That's sweet man! You are one strong guy!
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