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5'5"/118; have a 15 yr old daughter. I just think that if it is within your control to look and feel better, than you have an obligation to yourself to do whatever you can to be the best that you can be.. inside AND outside.

Goals and motivation

New goals being defined now.. have lost alot of weight from being unwell. Much muscle mass has melted, *sigh.

Have acquired some home workout tools (fitball, bands, handweights) and am developing a new workout that doesn't require traveling to the gym.. more to come.

Fit wall

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  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/29
    j.turner.ctr@gmail.com , Welcome to the FreeTrainers.com
  • onelilhorangi onelilhorangi 2006/08/18
    Wow! You look great!:( I have 40Ibs to lose and I find it a challenge because the weight comes off so slowly. Were you ever overweight and how'd you get to your goal?
  • jpifler90 jpifler90 2006/05/30
    Whats your daughter look like lol! <BR>
  • Artemis-75 Artemis-75 2005/03/27
    Wow - great photos, great info. <BR>I'm here for inspiration and am definitely getting some! <BR> <BR>= )
  • timmstar timmstar 2005/03/11
    60 mile walk? FUDGESTICKS, u better have beaten breast cancer :P
  • WAnglais1 WAnglais1 2004/10/27
    Congrats on the 3 day 60 mile walk! And a great cause, too. Also, great Catwoman suit. I'll have to get some pics posted of my Batman Returns costume!
  • Datdanigirl Datdanigirl 2004/08/02
    I guess that would be appropriate here.. I do have plenty of photos that were NOT scanned in. I'll dig them out sometime soon. (and THanks!!)
  • bravo20 bravo20 2004/07/31
    I think you look gorgeous like to see a photo before and after, can't believe you wasn't allways a stunner!!!!
  • perrrin perrrin 2004/05/05
    I like your philosophy and I admire your hard work.
  • enjcmn enjcmn 2004/04/30
    I went through the same thing at 30 and two kids later.
  • Valrash Valrash 2004/04/15
    WOW!!! Is a good word. Congrats on your achievements, and can't wait to see some more picks lol:). Keep the hard work up, it always pays off.
  • Datdanigirl Datdanigirl 2004/03/11
    OK, GRETZKY rocked in the playoffs for starters.. <wink>
  • andy031 andy031 2004/03/11
    HA Detroit is an ok hockey town, but Edmonton rocks in the playoffs (when we make it lol )
  • ursusarktos ursusarktos 2004/02/19
  • goldengloves goldengloves 2004/02/19
    Keep it up! Remember to reach the goals you want it almost has to become an obsession to be reached!
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