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I am 41, I have been heavy all my life. I started to train many years ago, while I have made a fair amount of progress I still have a lot of bodyfat I seem to never loose. I enjoy working out as a means of stress relief as well as for the health benefits. I have 3 growing Boys!

Goals and motivation

I started in 94 able to press less then 95 lbs. My best exercise are shrugs(635x20), deadlifts(485x1). I really want to loose 60 lbs and get leaner. UPDATE!!!!! Shrugs 445x 10 reps,

Wow update time as of sept 8 2006 I will undergo gstric bypass surgery.

IT is OCT 2 2006. Almost a month since i had the surgery. I have lost 42lbs so far. I feel great and will update as needed.

Fit wall

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  • redskinsfan1 redskinsfan1 2006/06/13
    Hey i run 6 days a week, for about 5 miles, will that get me a good flat stomach? <BR> <BR>
  • [Former member] 2006/04/08
    Gyjnbv nouhgfr njhk,, lofrtub nnkkdo gfesws vuevl vjugfee <BR> <BR>signed, bigandrew
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2006/04/08
    Wrestler you are just jealous my legs weigh more than your entire body does!
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2006/04/07
    <BR> <BR>Your ugly and your mamma dresses you funny. <BR> <BR>
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2006/04/05
    Training is going well Back on WS and hoping to hit 500dl shortly!
  • [Former member] 2006/04/05
    Gotta love arguing with yourself after you ban the accounts you were arguing with(lol@how your comment came off after core's question...at first glance it seemed like you were replying to him)...Heh....it also cracks me up how these so called experts gave advice in your gallery yet showed their ignorance right of the bat with their suggestions.....Gotta love receiving help from know it all 15 yr olds .... <BR> <BR>Doing great Mutt.....how's your training going? Hope all is well...
  • ioioio ioioio 2006/04/05
    no wonder this website has lost its reputation as one of the best fitness/workout/bodybuilding sites on the web, after reading the posts made by a so called moderator(7707mutt!) Core asked you a decent question and you tell him to get lost...Camaro350 was right, afer 11 years of training you'd expect someone like you to look better. Who cares if you can bench 500, you still look like a fatass, 19 inch arms? yeah well if i ate like you did then my arms would be the same size!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2006/02/07
    LOL why would I want to change if you took the time to read anything I have posted (then you little zit-for-brains could most likly not comprehend the big words like "the" "and") I am not worried about how I look I am a POWER LIFTER! you Dumbass. I can culr more than most guys especially liek you weigh. LOL but that is not what I am about. So you have two choices get lost from here, or I can keep deleting your dumbass puss brained posts and banning each and everyone of your so clever names. Which by the way I will do gladly as I work nights LOL you are such a loser!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2006/02/06
    LOL you make me laugh you little zit. I have posted my weight and Bf levels many times. I am so sorry that you 12 inch arms are smaller than a girls. Get lost.
  • Core Core 2005/12/08
    DUe please could you help me train i hate been skinny im 150lbs and can only lift 35lbs am like really weak i wanna gain muscle but i dont seem to be able to will you help me.
  • wrestler103 wrestler103 2005/11/04
    watz up, i wrestle for my high school and need to loose about 5 lbs which is entirely possible because i do have stuff to loose- any tips on how i could loose this in about 3-4 weeks ? <BR>
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2005/10/26
    You guys crack me up. Come to rochester and train with me loser. Oh yea yo mommas won't let you
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2005/10/23
    Well I got sick this week so my try for 475 and a possible 500 is off for another week or so. Thanks!
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2005/10/23
    Mutt- awesome numbers. It's good to see someone that cares more about strength than aesthetics. I want updates on that deadlift!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2005/08/29
    Dumb bell pull overs
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