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Ttown Peeps
Created: 2015/08/16, Last activity: 2015/08/16, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

This group is for people in Tulsa, OK who want to plan workouts and meal plans together. Also interested in having group workout sessions once a mo...

Sexy Divas
Created: 2015/06/16, Last activity: 2015/06/19, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Family fitness group with main goal to look sexy and divalicious for upcoming weddings!!!!

Body fat percentage check in
Created: 2015/04/14, Last activity: 2015/06/09, Members: 4, Photos: 0, Messages: 2

-This group focuses less on what the scale says and focuses more on real results (body fat percentage and reduction in inches). -Anyone who's tire...

Big Bold & Beautiful
Created: 2015/03/12, Last activity: 2015/04/27, Members: 4, Photos: 0, Messages: 3

wanting to start a group for people just starting out on their life style change aiming to lose weight healthily and naturally by exercise and diet...

Losing the baby weight
Created: 2011/12/31, Last activity: 2015/04/23, Members: 88, Photos: 0, Messages: 34

This group is for anyone who is trying to lose baby weight. Come share your secrets to losing. Vent about cutting out chocolate or trying to worko...

Rest & Recovery
Created: 2012/01/22, Last activity: 2015/04/23, Members: 18, Photos: 1, Messages: 35

Just as important as your workout and nutrition plan - but so easily overlooked.

Cat Club Workouts
Created: 2015/04/22, Last activity: 2015/04/22, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

We help all members of Cat Club!

Team Shift change
Created: 2015/04/14, Last activity: 2015/04/20, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

the purpose of this group is to encourage one another to be willing to change physically and mentally. when you look in the mirror you should see m...

Worout Routines
Created: 2015/04/02, Last activity: 2015/04/02, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

Workout Routines, Exercises, Lose Weight and Fat, Gain Weight, Build Muscle, Bodybuiding Tips, Weight Training

Mesomorphic Women
Created: 2015/03/31, Last activity: 2015/03/31, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

Welcome! It this group it's all about mesomorphic women and our struggles with working out. For example,getting bulky no matter what type of exe...

Weight and Muscle Gain for Skinny
Created: 2015/02/27, Last activity: 2015/03/09, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

Most of the groups talk about how to loose weight and convert it into muscle mass. But I havn't seen any group talking about skinny people who dont...

Joining the military
Created: 2012/09/22, Last activity: 2015/03/09, Members: 25, Photos: 0, Messages: 14

Getting in shape for basic training, or staying in shape while in the military

Roller Derby
Created: 2015/02/26, Last activity: 2015/02/26, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

This group is for Roller Derby players to come together and talk all things Derby. All welcome whether you are a player, NSO or play for team zebra.

Land Transport Safety
Created: 2015/01/26, Last activity: 2015/02/18, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Group of motivated individuals with different fitness and wellbeing goals wnating to get active in 2015.

5 Day FREE Clean Eating Group
Created: 2015/02/01, Last activity: 2015/02/01, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 11

OPEN TO USA/CANADA/PUERTO RICO ONLY. Invite by email only, email me I have a goal to help 1000 people this year lose wei...

Virgin Active Boys Club
Created: 2015/01/26, Last activity: 2015/01/26, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Join with us faithful few, for the story of Joe, Pete and Leon. In their admirable bid to become proud owners of Nottingham’s newest and shiniest s...

Created: 2015/01/24, Last activity: 2015/01/24, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0


Created: 2015/01/22, Last activity: 2015/01/22, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0


Created: 2013/11/18, Last activity: 2015/01/08, Members: 10, Photos: 2, Messages: 35

Just check in and tell the rest of the group if you worked out or rested. Details are always good and may even give others new ideas.

Humble living
Created: 2014/06/17, Last activity: 2015/01/02, Members: 6, Photos: 0, Messages: 8

It is my purpose to help promote positive motivation to all and not confusion. The body of humans and animals rely on cycles in order for the body ...

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