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Cycling (Competitve & Leisure)
Created: 2012/01/10, Last activity: 2012/05/29, Members: 4, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

A place to share bicycling with other group members, from leisure bicycling to competitive cycling to mountain biking. You'll be able to find star...

Capital Brothers
Created: 2012/01/03, Last activity: 2012/08/31, Members: 3, Photos: 2, Messages: 2

Reach all our goals.

Weight Loss and excerise
Created: 2012/02/29, Last activity: 2012/03/15, Members: 3, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

I want to loose weight before i tone my body but i seem to be putting more muscle on with the excercise im doing, can anyone help with tips or any ...

Fitness in providence rhode island
Created: 2012/01/31, Last activity: 2012/02/22, Members: 3, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

I need workout partners! Laid back. Used to be very athletic, now Ow on cardio because I smoke, need. To start slow. Find me @ Alison.sparrow3@ ...

504 Crew
Created: 2012/01/16, Last activity: 2012/03/27, Members: 3, Photos: 0, Messages: 8

Southerners getting fit and healthy.

Brand new!
Created: 2012/02/27, Last activity: 2012/03/28, Members: 3, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Hello I am a young mother trying to get healthy and fit. But i am very self concious about my body. I would mostly like motivation and support from...

Vertical Jump Training
Created: 2013/05/12, Last activity: 2013/05/18, Members: 3, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

This is a group for those striving to increase their vertical jump. Whatever your sport, if you want to jump higher, than this group is for you!

The Bicep Blast Challenge
Created: 2012/08/04, Last activity: 2012/09/10, Members: 3, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

My name is Ryan Hughes and I am one of the first two IFBB Men’s Physique Pros in the US. I am also the creator of the “Blast Training System,” Body...

Boston area
Created: 2012/01/12, Last activity: 2012/02/07, Members: 3, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

I would like a group of Boston people to join me on a weight lose journey. I wanna live a healthy and happy life!

For Beginners
Created: 2013/01/09, Last activity: 2013/01/26, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Join this group if you would like to lose 50 pounds or more. This group is for Beginner exersizers.

losing weight or gaining weight which is harder
Created: 2012/06/13, Last activity: 2012/06/13, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

I have long argued that it is easier to lose weight then it is to gain it. For the simple fact that to lose all you have to do is go out and have f...

Land Transport Safety
Created: 2015/01/26, Last activity: 2015/02/18, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Group of motivated individuals with different fitness and wellbeing goals wnating to get active in 2015.

Greeting, and questions from a newbi HELP!!!
Created: 2012/05/30, Last activity: 2012/07/30, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

I first want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Allison, I am 27, going to be 28 on June 14th (oh god). I first posted this in Flog bu...

Created: 2012/03/26, Last activity: 2012/03/27, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

LOSE 100+ POUND. Adding good health,strength and enjoyment while doing it. Let talk about it. YES WE CAN....

Vitamix Meals
Created: 2012/01/28, Last activity: 2012/08/27, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 9

Vitamix "food processor" offers unbelievably great meal making. Share your recipes here!

Stripper Gals
Created: 2014/01/25, Last activity: 2014/01/27, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Our goals are to strip off the layers of unhealthy living. We strive to attain strong minds, bodies, and souls one step at a time, one day at a tim...

Fitness Challenge
Created: 2012/11/09, Last activity: 2013/01/09, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

Hi! My name is Bob. Some people call me Coach Bob. Why? Because I am a certified coach with Team Beach Body. First, a little bit about myself...

Carpe Diem- Swe
Created: 2013/01/07, Last activity: 2013/01/07, Members: 2, Photos: 1, Messages: 0

Mums isolated on an fantastic island in Sweden, pushing each other to higher levels! We can do anything we set our minds to - and as long as we ...

Created: 2014/02/13, Last activity: 2014/03/04, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

Fitness for men over the age of 55 who want to look good but realize they aren't 25.

spartan run
Created: 2012/01/11, Last activity: 2012/01/12, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

We are going to do a spartan run and hopefully we can all do this together.

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